About SalesLoft

Engage with Integrity

SalesLoft combines the art of selling with the science of technology to help sellers build trust and make meaningful connections with buyers, even when the world’s gone digital.

We Are Driven By Our Core Values

They compel us to show up each day and offer our best to our customers and their customers.

Customers First
Put Customers First
We win by staying close to our customers and adding value to their day.
Over Self
Team Over Self
We’re always collaborative, putting the interests of the team above our personal agendas.
Half Full
Glass Half Full
We work to understand the situation, then decide to focus on the opportunities.
Focus On
Focus On Results
We understand what we’re here to do, making decisions with purpose to achieve our goals.
Towards Action
Bias Towards Action
We go out of our way to figure things out and present solutions, rather than problems.

We See The Best In You

Amazing people come in all forms. What makes us different is what makes us stronger. But the common thread among the people we hire? Hardworking, driven, and customer-obsessed with a lot of heart -- our people care deeply about their work and about each other.
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Meet Our Leadership Team

Kyle Porter
CEO & Co-founder
Rob Forman
President & COO
Ellie Fields
Chief Product Officer
Steve Goldberg
Chief Revenue Officer
Sydney Sloan
Chief Marketing Officer
Cherie Caldwell
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Scott Mitchell
Chief Technology Officer
Chad Gold
Chief Financial Officer
Sophie Darch
Chief of Staff

Our Board Members

Kyle Porter
CEO & Co-founder,
Jason Green
Founder & General Partner,
Emergence Capital
David Cummings
Chief Executive Officer,
Atlanta Ventures
Tom Noonan
Chairman of the Board,
Ionic Security
Jeff Horing
Managing Director,
Insight Partners