About SalesLoft

Engage with Integrity

SalesLoft is the leader in sales engagement. We help brands deliver value and create trust by connecting authentically and meaningfully with their customers. We’re here to help you connect with customers on their terms.

SalesLoft offers a deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviors, helping businesses deliver meaningful engagement across the customer lifecycle. We help organizations anticipate customer needs, design better journeys, and build more agile, proactive customer strategies.

What Drives Us
We are driven by our core values. They compel us to show up each day and offer our best to our customers and their customers.
Put Customers First

We win by staying close to our customers and adding value to their day.

Team Over Self

We’re always collaborative, putting the interests of the team above our personal agendas.

Glass Half Full

We work to understand the situation, then decide to focus on the opportunities.

Focus On Results

We understand what we’re here to do, making decisions with purpose to achieve our goals.

Bias Towards Action

We go out of our way to figure things out and present solutions, rather than problems.

We see the best in you.

You’re smart, talented, and driven. At SalesLoft, you’ll work with an amazing team you can learn from and teach. And we promise that you’ll grow more here than you would anywhere else.

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We believe in the value of the work we do. We are committed to making lives better for the people in our community.
Giving Is About More Than Money

We donate our software and time, sending volunteers to provide helpful communication training.

Amazing People Come in All Forms

Diversity and inclusion are vital to our workplace. We are passionate about equality, and commit to only supporting those who don’t discriminate.

Knowledge is Power

We strive to level the playing field for those in under-served populations, supporting programs to provide tools, training, and mentoring resources.

We Have a Responsibility to Our Community

Simple acts of kindness go a long way. We support organizations that provide basic life necessities to those in need, from food to furniture.

Our People Make Our Team Great

We hire passionate and knowledgeable people who are passionate about giving back. Through our grant program, we support causes that matter to them.

Atlanta Is Essential to Who We Are

Atlanta is where our story started. We love this city and its startup scene, setting aside 10% of our overall philanthropic efforts to “pay it forward” to this community.

Meet Our Leadership Team
Kyle Porter
  • CEO & Co-founder
Rob Forman
  • President & COO
Steve Goldberg
  • Chief Revenue Officer
Sydney Sloan
  • Chief Marketing Officer
Cherie Caldwell
  • Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Scott Mitchell
  • Chief Technology Officer
Chad Gold
  • Chief Financial Officer
Sophie Darch
  • Chief of Staff
Kyle Porter
  • CEO & Co-founder, SalesLoft
Jason Green
  • Founder & General Partner, Emergence Capital
David Cummings
  • Chief Executive Officer, Atlanta Ventures
Tom Noonan
  • Chairman of the Board, Ionic Security
Jeff Horing
  • Managing Director, Insight Partners

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SalesLoft is the sales engagement platform that helps you connect with people, solve problems for customers, and move organizations forward. Learn more about our industry-leading capabilities and see the platform in action.

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