We Believe In Sales.

At SalesLoft, we live and breathe sales for you – the sales professional. We understand that there’s a difference between having a sales team and being a high-performing sales organization. That’s why we’ve created the leading Sales Engagement Platform, allowing you to reach customers faster and more effectively.

We’re driven by our core values.

We strive to incorporate customer first, results focused, bias towards action, glass half full, and team above self values in everything we do, to better serve you. They’re even incorporated into our philanthropic mission.

Put Customers First

Of the three stakeholders — employees, customers and investors — only one pays the bills. We win by staying close to them and adding value to their day.

Team Over Self

We’re committed to each other. We’re always collaborative, but put the interests of the team above our personal agendas.

Glass Half Full

We always move forward. We work to understand the reality of the situation, then we make the decision to focus on the opportunities.

Focus On Results

We understand what we’re here to do and make decisions with purpose to achieve our goals.

Bias Towards Action

We’re motivated. We go out of our way to figure things out and present solutions, rather than problems.