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4 Features to Improve Account-Based Selling Today

July 29, 2020

New Account-Based features in Salesloft give reps an efficient way to engage their target accounts throughout the sales process.

Sellers live in a world where they have to balance strategy with agility. Through an account-based strategy, they align with marketing and operations to know which accounts they should focus on and how they should engage and convert them. All teams are aligned on personas, and strategic messaging to drive engagement.

But it’s easy for this strategy to quickly fall apart.

At the same time, sellers are managing hundreds of leads and accounts, forcing them to make choices about who they are actually able to follow-up on and how they engage them. The strategy bends to efficiency in how the reps conduct their follow-ups and execute sales tactics.

They struggle with having the time to focus on their accounts in a truly personalized way.

Knowing What to Do vs. Being Able to Do It

Executing an Account-Based strategy requires a balance of time and effort. Our latest Account-Based features in Salesloft give sellers more time by helping them quickly find accounts and people, and understand which ones require their attention.

Let’s walk through an account-based workflow to understand some of the latest features.

Step 1. View your accounts

Have you seen the improved Accounts Table and List Layout? This view makes it easier to filter and manipulate your data and is more intuitive to use. The new design still allows you to filter, sort, and search for data and save a specific view.

Step 2. Find the accounts you need to work on

Taking a little time to apply filters gives reps more time to work on their accounts. Here are three filters on the Accounts List your reps need to be using:

  • Custom Fields: Custom fields from your CRM such as buyer intent or account grouping help reps track accounts according to their sales process. Use these custom fields to quickly and intuitively find the Accounts that need attention in the Accounts List. This allows reps to find certain accounts in Salesloft, instead of pulling lists in Salesforce or your CRM.
  • Last Contacted Date: As we’ve said before, and we’ll say it again. This is a good one. The filter allows you to select a window of time: more than 7, 14, or 30 Days Ago. Quickly isolate the most recently active accounts among the hundreds of accounts you’re working on. Reps can also filter by ‘More than X Days Ago’ to find the accounts that you’ve haven’t engaged with in a while.
  • Last Contact Date: Never Contacted: This ensures that no top tier accounts are falling through the cracks if you or your reps have not spoken with them in a while. You can also filter for accounts that have been contacted

Filter Accounts List by Custom Fields

Step 3. Action your accounts and people

Once reps filter for the accounts they need to work on, what’s next? We’re giving you more ways to View and Action People from an Account from the Accounts List, and execute account-based activities with fewer clicks. Here are some ways to take action:

  • Execute steps for specific people at specific accounts: Select the Accounts you need to work on and easily see all of the People you need to engage with.
  • View the entire buying committee: Select the account and select the ‘View All’ button to view all People at an Account from the People panel on an Account page.
  • Action a list of customers who need attention: Quickly select them from the Accounts List and drill into the People at the account to get started.

Step 4. Keep yourself organized

The last thing reps want to do is forget to follow-up with an account, whether they plan to send a work anniversary card to a prospect, or a new piece of swag when it’s ready to ship. Use Tasks to keep yourself on track by scheduling reminders and when it’s time, execute call and email steps. Here are a few best practices for using Tasks:

  • Edit Tasks: Keep Tasks up to date as work progresses.
  • Use the Activity Feed: Create, execute, and filter Tasks on the Person or Account pages.
  • Work in SFDC, Gmail, or Salesloft: Use the Tasks panel to keep yourself organized whether you’re working in Salesloft, Gmail sidebar, or in the SFDC sidebar.


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