At Salesloft, We Want
Inclusivity To Be Part of Our DNA

Together we will identify new and different ways to embed diversity in everything we do.

Because Salesloft’s culture is built on trust, vulnerability, and radical candor, we’re poised to do things that aren’t happening in other organizations. We are leaning into the progress we have made, but we are not done. This site aims to transparently share our progress, our areas of opportunity, and our continued journey toward diversity and inclusion.

Our DEI Mission

Create strategic advantages by infusing diversity and inclusion into every facet of our business.

Being inclusive isn’t just about representation. Yes, we are recruiting a diverse team, but we are also building a culture where people are free to be themselves, share their perspectives, and have the confidence that comes from truly belonging.

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“One of the most powerful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) actions a company can take is to support diverse business partners. We’ve adopted an inclusive approach to procurement, and have initiated the creation of a Supplier Diversity Program."

Richard Jo,
Vice President, Legal

Salesloft strives to be an organization that

Manifests our value of “team over self” as a call to be inclusive.

Believes in the inherent value of creating a culture and workplace where everyone can be their authentic selves, diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is expected.

Acknowledges that the systemic inequities in our world may appear at work in unconscious ways so they can’t be ignored.

Is known as a best place to work because we’re equitable, inclusive and address areas of improvement.

Filters decisions through a DEI lens for potential issues or unintended consequences and stands by our commitment to DEI without deprioritizing for efficiency.

Allows for deep dialogue that educates, creates understanding and builds relationships versus increasing division.

Maintains commitment to The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and the organization’s core values while keeping in mind the ways DEI aligns with these commitments.

Builds a strategic and cohesive team by being known as a great place to work for all kinds of people.

Salesloft CARES

Lofters stepped up as accountability partners and created Salesloft CARES, an umbrella group for all of our employees and our Employee Resource Groups (ERG) with the purpose of creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.



We collaborate with our ERGs, Lofters, and local communities.



We actively participate, support, speak up, and advocate for the underrepresented.



We listen actively and lead with empathy and compassion between all members and Lofters of different backgrounds.



We proactively educate and learn from our Lofters with each ERG and track metrics in our core strategies.



We value safe spaces for all our members and Lofters regardless of differences.

Salesloft ERGs

Representing Latin Employees

Representing Asian Employees

Representing LGBTQ+ Employees

Representing Black Employees

Representing Women Employees

Salesloft Data as of April 1, 2022

This data is collected at hiring and represents all U.S. Salesloft employees. These numbers are an indication of our progress, but how our employees feel is what matters most and we will continue to learn and grow.

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We’ve reflected on who we want to be, knowing that will morph and change as we learn and grow.

Our Action Plan

Continue to create opportunities for the advancement of women and people of color (POC) into leadership roles

Institutionalizing a DEI lens as a tool to evaluate business decisions and maintain our commitment to DEI

Maximizing our Salesloft CARES team and ERGs to drive external partnerships and internal safe spaces

Strengthening leadership capabilities so that leaders are continually deepening relationships and nurturing engagement

Focusing on harmonizing emotional intelligence (EQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ) which accelerates trust, team cohesion, and results

“I want Salesloft to be a place where every employee finds fulfillment and feels empowered to bring their whole self to work every day. Inclusion creates the space for authenticity, which leads to more perspectives, ideas, and innovation."

Katie Cox,
Vice President of People

We believe in each other. We believe in our customers. We believe in our mission.

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