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How the Sales Engagement Platform Is Transforming Sales – APAC

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Aug 10, 2022

Wednesday, 11:00 am (Asia/Singapore)

Salesloft is proud to have the most complete Sales Engagement solution in the market and helps thousands of the world’s most successful sellers and sales teams close more revenue.

Salesloft’s sales engagement platform is a single place sellers work to engage with buyers. It’s a digital sales platform built specifically for sellers. It provides a prioritized action queue and guidance on where to most effectively take action – reach out to a particular customer or prospect, follow-up and share insight from a meeting, coach struggling reps, or lean in on an at-risk deal.

The Modern Revenue Workspace is built around 3 core principles:

Drive action and engagement
Data and AI delivered in the workflow
Revenue team alignment

This webinar is hosted at 11am Singapore time. Register here.