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JB Sales | John Goes Back to School: Rediscovering the “Art” of Prospecting

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From JB Sales:

John Goes Back to School: Rediscovering the “Art” of Prospecting

If you have been in tech sales for a minute, it is a high probability you have used or received the world-famous WYWYN (or the “Basho” email to many) prospecting approach.

Top sales teams including Google, HubSpot, VMware, Salesforce have been implementing Jeff Hoffman’s legendary sales training strategies for several years now.

Current craziness has piqued John’s curiosity about the state of prospecting and what is working and what is not. Having believed strongly in the science of sales for some time, John believes now more than ever we need to bring back the “Art” to break through the noise. Luckily, John’s mentor and sales guru Jeff Hoffman (and creator of the WYWYN messaging approach) has agreed to take him back to school and help him rediscover the “Art” of prospecting during a one-hour LIVE discussion.

DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. Our team has been a 3rd party to John and Jeff’s conversations – and it gets heavy. These guys are beasts and the insights are both magical and entertaining – this is not a yes-fest. No punches pulled. Using the popular WYWYN (think “basho email”) messaging approach, they will explain the balance of art and science in prospecting, how it has evolved, and what the future looks like.

Sign up to join one of the most valuable sales conversations around prospecting that you’ll ever be a part of on July 15th at 11:30am ET.

FYI – For those who register and attend, you will be invited to join a special content series where John and Jeff apply the WYWYN strategy to all the sales stages. BUT YOU HAVE TO ATTEND TO BE INCLUDED!

What You’ll Learn:

  • History and basics of WYWYN sales messaging
  • Balance between art and science in prospecting
  • John and Jeff’s outlook on what you need now and the future to be successful in prospecting.

Register here.


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