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MSP: Digital Masterclass / Live Q&A – CRM Data Hygiene

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Sep 29, 2020

Tuesday, 11:00 am (America/Los_Angeles) https://masterclass-datahygiene.splashthat.com/

From Modern Sales Pros:

Modern Sales Pros | Digital Masterclass / Live Q&A – CRM Data Hygiene

CRM compliance and hygiene go hand in hand – and are two of the biggest roadblocks to keeping a functional CRM. How do you ensure data hygiene in your CRM if you aren’t even sure your end users understand what good hygiene is?

Beyond that, there’s process: are you making it easy for your end users (aka your reps) to input data? How about your ops team – how are you “ops”timizing for them?

We have some pretty strong opinions about how important data hygiene is – and we want to talk about it. Join us as we talk with VP of Sales Innovation Adam Stewart to dig into why compliance is such a rampant problem, how to make life easier for your revenue and ops teams, and what ways you can get out of any poor hygiene hole you might have fallen into.

Key Topics:

  • How did we get here – aka why is SalesForce or CRM compliance such a problem?
  • What you can do to make it easier for your reps to input data
  • How to make it easier on your ops team
  • How to dig yourself out of the CRM input hole you might be in

Live Q&A and Moderator

  • Adam Stewart, VP Sales, Innovation, INTROHIVE
  • Richard Sgro, GM, Communities, MODERN SALES PROS

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