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MSP Digital Panel | Embracing the New Normal

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From Modern Sales Pros:

MSP Digital Panel | Embracing the New Normal

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For this event, we’ll be joined by Craig Rosenberg (Co-founder and Chief Analyst, TOPO Research), Dan Gottlieb Analyst, Sales Practice, TOPO Research), and Kristin Hersant (Vice President of Marketing, Groove).

A huge thank you to Groove for sponsoring this event.

What will be covered in this event?

Embracing the New Normal: What Revenue Leaders Need to Do Today to Ensure a Successful Tomorrow

Revenue leaders have scrapped their 2020 plans and are starting again with a new set of variables. And, so far, B2B sales leaders are proving that there is an opportunity to thrive through change. Revenue teams have become more versatile overnight. They’re more targeted, analyzing the evolving profile of how the dynamics have shifted in their target markets. Bureaucratic decision-making systems have faded and nimble teams have emerged that operate with limited friction. They are implementing systems to operate in full alignment with other teams, smashing down silos to create visibility and implementing ideas that were never before possible. They are determining how they can redesign the entire organization to sustain these changes and set themselves up for growth today and tomorrow.

This effort requires efficient, bold, imaginative change management processes. TOPO recently unveiled a three-phase change management framework for B2B revenue leaders: stabilize, reinvent, and grow. In this webinar, TOPO Analysts will present their recommendations for what B2B revenue leaders should do in each stage of this change management framework and share stories about the bold executive vision that is setting these companies up for sustained change, now and for the future.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Cheers, Modern Sales Pros (modernsaleshq.com)


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