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MSP Digital Panel: Taming CRM Data Chaos

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Jul 9, 2020

Thursday, 11:00 am (America/Los_Angeles) https://taming-crm-data-chaos.splashthat.com/

From Modern Sales Pros:

Modern Sales Pros | Digital Panel: Taming CRM Data Chaos

Imagine you could start from scratch with your CRM. What becomes most important to you and your team? How would you do it differently?

We know that’s impossible for most teams, but we also know that for most of us out there, there’s got to be a better way. Our CRMs are littered with metaphorical skeletons in the closet: oftentimes the data you put in isn’t used, isn’t acted upon, and creates additional noise.

We know you don’t get to start over, but you should be able to start better. Stop tolerating your CRM; join us to learn how to tame the chaos – and make your CRM a multiplier!

Key Topics:
  • How to build a strong CRM, from the foundation up
  • The most effective improvements to begin with first
  • How to communicate changes and increase adoption across your revenue teams

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