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Sales Assembly | Fridays Are For Closers: Personal Origin Story

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From Sales Assembly

Sales Assembly | Fridays Are For Closers: Personal Origin Story

We all have an origin story – but few people realize how to leverage it correctly. Your origin story is FOR someone and should be tailored to THEIR needs, just like you select a gift for a friend based on what they need and want, not based on your own needs or desires. During this episode of Fridays Are For Closers, we’ll present a model for excellence for your personal origin story. We’ll also explore how your origin story can and should be tailored to every audience and every situation, so it uniquely fits the purpose of the meeting or scenario that you’re leading or participating in.

About Fridays Are For Closers:

Brought to you by Sales Assembly, “Fridays Are For Closers” is a bi-weekly series open to the public, where we dive into the most modern and top-of-mind strategies, themes and tactics as they pertain to successful B2B Tech Sales.

The host and featured thought leader of Season 2 for Fridays Are For Closers is Andrew Sykes. He is a lecturer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management, author and professional speaker on the topics of sales, leadership and high-performance, and an aficionado of habit-creation and human behavior. Andrew is the CEO and Co-Founder of Habits at Work, where he and his team help leaders and revenue-responsible teams master conversation skills and activate the 12 high-impact habits that build deep and lasting relationships with customers and move business forward.


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