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    Webinar: Aligning Go-to-Market and Account-Based Marketing Strategies for Inbound Success

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    Jan 29, 2020

    Wednesday, 02:00 pm (UTC+0)

    As our industry evolves from single teams and silos to a holistic approach to revenue management, creating a cohesive go-to-market plan for all revenue generators is of increasing importance. But does that mean increasing complexity, too? Not necessarily.

    In this webinar, Salesloft CMO Sydney Sloan will provide five best practices to align your go-to-market strategy with account-based strategies for sales, marketing and customer success. From strategy selection and internal agreement to identifying the highest value interactions, you’ll learn how to close and renew more pipeline in 2020 and beyond.

    Speaker: Sydney Sloan, Salesloft CMO

    Link to Register: Here