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This package is designed for teams focused on the post-sale customer experience. Engage helps customer support teams and account managers drive adoption and build customer relationships, increasing renewal rates while delivering an exceptional experience to every customer.


Churn, Baby, Churn

The deal may be done, but your work has just begun. To keep customers happy, you need strategies that encourage adoption. You need a support system that fixes problems before they happen.

How are you identifying at-risk accounts and engaging customers who need more support? Are your buyers better with your product than they were before?


Drive Adoption to Ensure Success

Salesloft’s data-driven, automated approach to driving adoption and customer retention helps customer success managers understand and serve customers better.

Keep a pulse on account health with customer engagement activity tracking so reps can proactively connect with customers who need help. Increase product adoption with automated workflows and one-to-one communication, and build awareness for new products and services.

Automate renewal workflows based on account tier and health score. Review captured conversations to drive better renewal discussions. Personalize and escalate renewal communication to address concerns and keep more customers.

What's Included in Engage
Cadence + Automation

Drive deeper product adoption and engagement with automated communications.


Get the insight you need to coach for success, optimize performance, and increase wins.

Analytics + Reporting

Pinpoint what generates revenue by collecting activity and outcome data.

Standard Platform Features

Sales Email

Scale quality, personalized email communication and make every conversation count.


Book meetings faster with calendar sharing and automation, making scheduling easy.

Mobile App Access

Harness the power of Salesloft anywhere, with calls and notes logged and synced to your CRM.

CRM Sync

Get rid of double data entry and let reps work where they want, with automatic activity logging and syncing to your CRM.


Accelerate your sales success with 170+ integration partners.
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Security + Governance

We take security seriously at Salesloft.
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3M Case Study
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3M Enhances Its Inside Sales Process with Salesloft

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