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This package is designed for teams focused on managing opportunities to close. Sell brings you the tools your team needs to keep deals on track, forecast with precision, manage sales cycles, and coach for success.


So Many Deals, So Little Time

The CRM has an important role in the sales tech stack, but it doesn’t help reps sell. They turn to ad-hoc tools like handwritten notes, spreadsheets, and documents. Unfortunately, their notes don’t typically make it back to the CRM.

As a result, managers don’t have the data points they need to understand the health of deals, and leaders can’t accurately forecast.

Plus, lack of visibility into conversations and meetings means managers don’t know where they need to be coaching.


Better Data, Better Results

Opportunity management built into the Salesloft workflow helps accelerate sales so that sellers get more time back in their day. Their selling activities are automatically updated in the CRM, making the process 75% faster. The result? More time to sell.

Salesloft keeps deals on track by keeping sellers on task. Managers get visibility into each data point for every deal in the sales pipeline to ensure winnable deals don’t fall through the cracks. And inaccurate sales forecasts become a thing of the past.

Plus, insight into all customer interactions means managers know what’s working and can replicate success across their entire team.

What's Included in Sell
Cadence (Limited)

Guide reps through the sales process. Take the guesswork out of pipeline generation, lead nurture, and customer renewals.


Keep opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Forecast with greater accuracy.


Understand the impact of sales conversations. Replicate the success of top-performing reps.

Analytics + Reporting

Collect activity and outcome data. Pinpoint what generates the best results.

Standard Platform Features

Account Mapping

Salesloft enables an account-based approach by maintaining all account fields (standard and non-standard) and their related contacts from Salesforce.


Book meetings faster with calendar sharing and automation, making scheduling easy.

Mobile App Access

Harness the power of Salesloft anywhere, with calls and notes logged and synced to your CRM.

CRM Sync

Get rid of double data entry and let reps work where they want, with automatic activity logging and syncing to your CRM.


Accelerate your sales success with 170+ integration partners.
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Security + Governance

We take security seriously at Salesloft.
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