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Sean Kester
Sean Kester, Head of Technology Partnerships

Dear Partners, we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with you. We know you share the same mission of growing an ecosystem of valuable partners to enable our customers to deliver a better sales experience and drive revenue. In order to help you, we created a partner program for us to go to market together. We commit to providing exceptional service to our joint customers, investing in our partners’ success, and supporting our developer community to enable innovation. This is our pledge to honor our partners throughout the process. Let’s build amazing things together.

Become a Technology Partner

Our Integration program allows you to build a joint integration into SalesLoft’s platform via API. Enable your product features within the SalesLoft platform to increase overall adoption and mutual customer success.

Become a Consulting Partner

Provide consulting and implementation services to SalesLoft customers post-sale. Be an advocate for SalesLoft customers, sharing your industry-level expertise.

Become a Referral Partner

Earn money by sending qualified leads to the SalesLoft team. Get valuable sales training and learn about the targeted marketing personas of Sales Engagement customers.

Adam Post

Adam Post, Co-Founder at Instereo

“Our partnership with SalesLoft has been a great success. Not only do we get to work with their incredible team and customers every day, but SalesLoft provides us with the market-leading sales engagement platform we need to help our customers execute the Buyer Engagement Strategies we put into market. Together, the InStereo and SalesLoft partnership creates a win for our business and a win for our customers!”

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