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Your Sales Process, All In One Place

SalesLoft provides everything anyone on your sales team needs to do their job faster and more effectively. From emails and calls to integrations and high level analytics, you have everything you need whenever and wherever you need it.

“We’ve created a predictable and repeatable sales process while increasing pipeline generated per rep by 100%.”

-J.J. Kardwell, President & Co-Founder, Everstring


One Sales Platform for the Whole Team

SalesLoft was built for the entire modern sales organization. Sales Development Reps, Account Executives, and Sales Manager all have access to features that optimize each aspect of the sales organization.

Sales Development Reps

Log more meaningful activities, in a fraction of the time. Expedite your calls and emails with features designed to maximize sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Account Executives

Deliver personalization at scale with true 1:1 email integration and advanced features like disposition analysis and comprehensive analytics.

Sales Managers

Use performance data to improve rep performance with real-time coaching and track sales performance metrics at the team or individual levels.

Sales Ops

Turn your data into actionable insights, and insights into revenue. SalesLoft gives sales ops the control over your sales data and processes you need to help the organization succeed.


SalesLoft provides accountability, predictability, and scalability to your sales organization so you can understand the true ROI of sales activities and always act with confidence in your sales organization.


Finally experience true marketing and sales alignment on a single platform. With improved visibility and easy collaboration on templates, sales plays, and lead routing, SalesLoft puts marketing and sales on the same page.

Set Your Team Up For Success

SalesLoft’s governance capabilities allow organizations of all sizes to tailor the platform to maximize team success.

Account-Based Engagement

SalesLoft has the features and integrations your sales team needs to engage targeted accounts with highly target sales communications across multiple channels. Effortlessly align your team around your sales playbook and modern sales processes.

Coach Your Team from Anywhere

Call coaching is a crucial part of sales success. Live Call Studio helps you do it better than ever with live-call monitoring and robust features that let you coach your team in real-time. With Live Call Studio, you have the ability to provide the same level of call coaching as you could sitting right next to a sales rep, from across the office or across the globe.

Works Everywhere You Do

Switching between tabs takes valuable time out of your day. With SalesLoft Connect for Gmail and Salesforce, you have all the functionality of SalesLoft, right inside your CRM or inbox. SalesLoft Connect also provides context-aware updates to surface the most relevant information for your current task.



The Industry’s Best Salesforce Integration

Easy to setup, customizable data sync keeps lead records and activity data updated and accurate, automatically. Access SalesLoft data and features from inside Salesforce so you can work the way that you want.


The Industry’s Best Reply Tracking

SalesLoft was built with the best technical architecture for server-level reply detection in the industry. Our reply processing pipeline ingests and analyzes millions of emails each and every day so you can send your sales emails with confidence.


A Sales Platform, Built for You

SalesLoft was designed for one purpose: to make modern sales organizations more efficient and effective. Our Sales Dialer and email solutions are the easiest to use in the industry and allow you to work the way that you want, where you want.

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