True Sales Analytics.

Modern Sales Intelligence.

SalesLoft gives sales teams the actionable insight they need to optimize performance, improve effectiveness, and scale success.

Engaging sales teams with confidence

Engage with Confidence

Optimize the way you engage with your leads with data-backed insights.

Understand Performance

Break down complex data into what you really want to know: are you being effective. SalesLoft makes it easy to understand success, efficiency, and effectiveness at a glance.

Optimize Engagement

Use data to take actionable insights on when to send emails and make calls that are most successful based on reply rate and conversation rate.

Optimize Content

Performance data helps you identify the cadences, processes, and content that are generating the best results and makes it easy for the team to replicate.

Optimize Activity

SalesLoft can identify how consistently your team is engaging across any given set of accounts, so you know exactly how well your team is adhering to your sales playbook.

Use sales analytics software to have more meaning conversations.

Salesforce Dashboards

Prefer your data in Salesforce? No problem. SalesLoft’s dashboard package allows you to be up and running with a complete Salesforce dashboard in a matter of clicks.

Use sales analytics software to arm your sales team with the data they need.

Arm Your Sales Team with the Data They Need.

Modern sales is a tactical game, requiring the right intelligence at the right time. SalesLoft was designed to provide this intelligence in the right place, right when you need it.

Lead Intelligence

SalesLoft aggregates all relevant information for a lead, so you can have time zone information, activity history, personality disposition, and even relevant news in one place, right before you take action.

3rd Party Data Partners

Choose from a suite of data partners to enrich your accounts and gain even more tactical insight, including: InsideView, Datanyze, RingLead and many more.

Activity History

Modern sales requires a personalized approach, and SalesLoft makes sure you understand the context and activity history of every lead, and the best steps to take next.

Persona Insights

An account-based approach requires deep understanding of your personas. SalesLoft identifies the best channel, best email times, and best call times by sales persona.

Improve the Performance of Your Sales Team with Sales Analytics

Improve the Performance of Your Entire Team

Use performance data to improve rep performance with real-time coaching.

User Activity

Track performance metrics at the team or individual levels, including number of accounts contacted, activity volume, time to opportunity, and number of touches in a given period.

Team Activity

Replicate the success of your top performers by identifying who's leading the pack, what cadences and content they're using, and when they're contacting accounts.

Create a Process

Ensure adherence to your proven sales strategy and process by tracking the process usage and efficiency of each sales rep.

Optimizes sales activities with sales analytics software

Sales Leaderboards

See team performance at a glance, identify top performers, and inspire some friendly competition with team leaderboards.

We Believe In Sales.

We believe in one another. We believe the values that unite our people also define and distinguish our solutions.

We believe in our customers. We believe each and every organization we help will be better equipped to deliver an unbelievable sales experience.

We believe in sales. We believe modernizing sales means helping people evolve the way they think about, support and approach sales.

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