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With SalesLoft, you don’t need a separate Conversation Intelligence solution. It’s part of our all-in-one platform, making coaching and scaling best practices easy.

Understand the impact of every sales conversation and replicate the success of top-performing reps across your team. Analyze every meeting and get sales calls down to a science with AI-based transcription analysis and insights.

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Call Meeting and Recording

At the heart of Conversation Intelligence is call and video recording and transcription. Without a record of what was said and who said it, you’re missing out on valuable information that can mean the future (or failure) of your next sale.

AI-Based Analysis Leads to Better Coaching

SalesLoft Conversations highlights exactly where sales managers need to spend their time.

Understand buyer engagement during conversations. Scan transcripts for keywords and phrases to pinpoint specific topics in conversations and jump to the corresponding moment. Review calls more quickly with playback speed options. Use time-stamp notations to quickly and easily leave notes for reps with helpful coaching tips.

Nail and Scale Best Practices

What if you could bottle the behaviors of your most successful sales reps and scale them across your team? Now you can.

SalesLoft Conversations allows you to build custom playlists of captured conversations and clips to create a Greatest Hits reel of fantastic calls — or examples of where sales went off the rails. That means your sellers can still learn even when you’re not there to guide them in person.

With SalesLoft Conversations, managers will be more effective coaches and reps will be more effective closers.

Onboard New Reps Faster

Coaching playlists accelerate onboarding, improve cold calling and objection handling, and showcase demo best practices.

Retain Top Sellers

Keep high-performing employees on the team with better coaching and analytics from SalesLoft. Companies using SalesLoft saw a 50% increase in tenure among the average salesperson.*

*According to The Total Economic Impact™ Of SalesLoft, a February 2019 study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SalesLoft.

Post-Sale Implementation Success

The value of call and meeting recording extends beyond the sale. Once a deal successfully closes, call data can be shared with your implementation team. No need to start from scratch to rediscover customers all over again.

Plus, it keeps your entire team on the same page when it comes to creating an exceptional pre- and post-sale customer experience.

How to Get Conversations
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