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SalesLoft’s Deals actually delivers on the promise made by CRM: accurate sales pipeline data. Proactively manage sales performance. Automate workflows. Manage pipeline health. Forecast sales with precision — all from one place.

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Sales Opportunity Management

Pipeline problems are easy to understand. Sales leaders need more visibility. Sales managers want better data. Reps want more time to sell. Everyone wants more revenue. That’s where opportunity management comes in.

Sales opportunity management means never being in the dark when it comes to pipeline. Managers can see reps’ comprehensive pipeline dashboard. Quickly locate at-risk deals so managers can help reps take appropriate action. Get alert notifications that signal deal gaps and the likelihood to close, so you can drive next best actions and win more opportunities.

Automated Workflows and CRM Sync

Automated workflows give reps the nudges, reminders, and recommended next steps they need to run their day and keep deals on track. High-priority tasks like opportunity data updates are streamlined, and reps also work faster when low-value tasks are automated.

Plus, they can start and run their entire day in a single app while all their activity is automatically synced back to the CRM.

Deal Intelligence

If you want to see every detail of a deal down to the players, deal stage, and call notes, Deal Intelligence is your hotspot. Get a comprehensive view of your pipeline, powered by the data from Cadence, Conversations, and your CRM. See what deals are at risk with a complete analysis of pipeline health.

Accurate Forecasting

It’s as simple as it sounds: Forecasting tells you the likelihood of meeting or missing quota. Deals will analyze your pipeline and let you know how many additional opportunities you’ll need to meet and exceed your goals.

Filter and view the deals in play that can offer the highest chance of helping you meet your goal and organize a game plan to get there.

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