The Sales Engagement Cloud.

Cloud Partners.

An open and flexible technology ecosystem including participating workflow and data providers.

SalesLoft & Salesforce. Better Together.

With intelligent integration, Salesforce Sync, and seamless workflows, SalesLoft is the ultimate modern sales machine.

InsideView: Leverage Insights From Your Data

InsideView company enrichment and insights turns basic company information into detailed, contextual records that reveal far more about companies and their decision-makers than is possible through typical information channels. Gather just-in-time insights to infuse into your messaging and communication.

Crystal: Communicate Based On Psychological Personality

Get access to millions of personality profiles and learn the best way to communicate with your customers. Use empathy and intentionality by tailoring your outbound messages to fit the context of your buyer.

Sigstr: Smart Marketing Through Email Signatures

Simple management for employee email signatures. Ensure a consistently branded Email Signature for employees and unlock a powerful marketing channel via Sigstr Campaign banners.

Owler: Get Insights On Companies Exactly When You Need Them

Owler is a competitive intelligence tool for business professionals. Get customized insights on your companies with Owler insights built right into the platform. Stay updated with hand-curated, real time updates about companies along with exclusive company insights from the Owler community.

Import the best data from the most trusted sources.

Speed up your prospecting strategy with clean data. SalesLoft’s Cloud Partners deliver the highest quality data to maximize your outreach efforts, and in turn, your revenue.

Datanyze: Perfect Prospect Information

Uncover, research, and connect with the right prospects and companies at the right time. Import your target people and company profiles with one click right into SalesLoft to speed up your process and create better alignment.

RingLead: Take Command of Your Data

Start putting your data to work. Source new contacts that meet your targeted companies and personas. Import your target people and companies with one click right into SalesLoft to speed up your process and create better alignment.

Prospectify: Build the Biggest Pipeline Ever

With Prospectify the web is your lead database. Prospectify provides the most robust data points for company qualification, allowing SalesLoft users to focus on finding the right people, at the right companies, at the right time, making personalization at scale dead simple.

DiscoverOrg: Find Accurate Prospect Intel

The robust DiscoverOrg platform enables sales professionals to easily access the right contacts and context to significantly contribute to the bottom line. Import your target people and companies with one click right into SalesLoft to speed up your process and create better alignment.

Proleads: The Holy Grail Of Social Selling

Convert more leads and cut your customer acquisition cost in half with the world's most advanced social selling platform. Reference the right social data and you will see that your leads will respond to your outreach. See a 10x increase simply by having the right person reach out with the right referenced social data.


ExecVision: Unlock Conversation Insights

Uncover the value hidden inside call recordings to make coaching easy and effective. Listen to parts of sales calls that matter most and accelerate team improvement in an easy-to-use, collaborative interface.

Chili Piper: Intelligent Calendar For Sales Teams

Chili Piper helps your team book more meeting and impress your prospects. Schedule meetings directly within the SalesLoft platform, use meeting templates, and automatically record your meetings in Salesforce.

TalkIQ: Get Intelligence On What Wins and Loses Deals in Sales Calls

Your most important data is what’s said in calls with reps and potential customers. TalkIQ unlocks that data and enables improvement at scale. Understand voice of the customer — objections, competitor mentions, questions, product feedback — so you know exactly where to focus training. Review calls and provide coaching quickly and easily, so your reps get better faster and ultimately win more deals.

HG Focus: Spend More Time Selling, Less Time Searching

HG Focus is a free plug-in for your Google Chrome browser that provides instant access to HG Data’s massive catalog of installed technologies in use at companies around the world.  HG Focus enables you to engage your target audience with confidence before you ever pick up the phone. Understand Sales Activity, Improve Performance And Drive Revenue empowers sales leaders to be more effective at managing their teams and growing revenue by giving them a complete picture of sales activities and leveraging AI to deliver sales performance analytics, personalized coaching, one-on-one feedback and pipeline reviews. Discover Your Killer Pitch that Seals the Deal

If you could coach on every call, your team would surely close more deals. But you can’t. Gong automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes all your sales calls to discover the good, the bad, and the ugly in each call. This empowers your reps to constantly improve their pitch and win more deals with zero process changes.

Vidyard: Supercharge Your Sales Emails With Personalized Video

Vidyard for SalesLoft helps modern sales organizations increase response rates up to 5X by personalizing their email outreach with highly engaging, custom videos. Record personalized videos right inside SalesLoft and add an engaging video thumbnail image to your sales emails to drive higher conversions and responses – all in less time than it takes to leave a voicemail.

Leadtime: The Fastest Way to Grow Revenue Through Predictive Sales and Marketing

Leadtime uses machine learning with your sales and marketing data to identify existing leads/accounts that are most likely to convert to customers as well as grow your target accounts through net-new lookalikes found via crawling millions of websites every week. Now, you have an automated assistant always running in the background that results in the shortest Leadtime to faster growth.

  • KNOW – Know your existing best-fit leads/accounts
  • GROW – Grow your target accounts through net-new lookalikes
  • SHOW – Show the value of targeting your best-fits and revenue from net-new accounts Maximize Your SalesLoft ROI & Have Conversations That Convert

SalesLoft gets you in front of a prospect. Then it’s up to your reps to engage, spur interest and qualify. What you say and how you say it is all that matters. Chorus transcribes and instruments your conversations to find the few calls out of hundreds worth listening to, scale your coaching, and share what works with your team. Capture lightning in a bottle with Chorus.

DocSend: Find And Share The Documents That Close Deals

DocSend is the only content management and tracking solution that helps sales teams find, share, track and present the documents that close deals. With a powerful link-based system, it’s easy to analyze content performance and get visibility into target accounts. With DocSend, sales can finally connect content to business outcomes.

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