A Sales Dialer Built for Modern Sales

SalesLoft Dialer is a modern communication system to connect, qualify, and convert target accounts into customer accounts, faster.

One Click Dialing, Wherever You Are

Connect with more buyers, from within the applications you use most. Get faster, more efficient, and more precise, without changing the way you work.


Call any lead or contact object with a single click. Record call activities and auto-log disposition, sentiment, and notes, right from within Salesforce.


Streamline your workflow by dialing from within your inbox. Increase your response time, efficiency, and drive more conversions.


You can now make calls with a single click right when and where you need to. No switching between tabs or the need for multiple monitors.

Supercharge Salesforce & Gmail

While the Dialer can follow you anywhere, it really shines inside Salesforce and Gmail. With context-aware updates, click-to-call, and record actions, you’ve never experience your daily tools like this.

Context-Aware Updates

Open the Dialer on a lead or email contact that is already in SalesLoft and their record will automatically populate in the Dialer.


With SalesLoft, you can simply click the "Call" button next to a record's phone number or the number in an email signature to start a call.

Take Action

If a Salesforce record or email contact doesn't exist in SalesLoft, you can add that person right through the dialer.

Increase Conversions with Streamlined, Smart Sales Dialing

SalesLoft Dialer increases your efficiency and effectiveness with features designed to make your sales process smarter.

Bridge And VOIP

Take or make calls the way that you want. SalesLoft Dialer gives you the option to execute calls from right inside your browser, or leverage intelligent call passthrough to bridge the connection to your existing mobile or desk phone. New technology doesn’t have to mean a time-consuming change to your process. Work the way you want.


You are over 30% more likely to connect with your leads if your number has a local area code. SalesLoft’s intelligent dialer solution, LocalDial, automatically matches the area code of your outgoing dial to the current area code of the lead you’re dialing to give you an edge and make more connections.


“We’ve created a predictable and repeatable sales process while increasing pipeline generated per rep by 100%.”

-J.J. Kardwell, President & Co-Founder, Everstring



Use intelligent insights, tailored by persona, to reach the right prospects at the right time. SalesLoft allows you to sort your contact lists by engagement activity, starred list, and prospect time zones, so that your call comes at the best time for each prospect. Better personalization means better connectivity.

Custom Caller ID

Prove that there is a live, motivated human with the customer’s best interests in mind behind the dial. With Custom Caller ID, the number that shows up in caller ID will match the number in your email signature, increasing recognition and therefore connections.

A Better Way to Dial


Voicemail Drop

Don’t waste time leaving on-the-fly voicemails. Your day is all about efficiency, and you need to move on to the next prospect quickly. Save time by using pre-recorded messages that provide a consistent response and allow you to move smoothly on to the the next call.

Account-Based Sales & Sales Development

Convert Target Accounts into Customer Accounts Through an Account Based Process.

Playbook Cadences

Implement your account-based plays and playbooks with phone call Cadence steps that can be shared across your team, personalized by account, and continually optimized.


An account based strategy requires more than just email. Put on your headset, hit the gas, and power through call after call with the most efficient sales dialer on the market.

Optimized Communication

Don’t just dial through your account call list blindly. SalesLoft optimizes your call list by connection time and conversion rates.

Phone + Email + Social = Modern Sales

Your customers are more connected than ever before, engaging across multiple channels. The modern sales organization can’t be confined to just one or two of those channels. SalesLoft provides the only true multi-channel sales communication platform, helping to turn prospect accounts into customer accounts.

Modern Call Coaching

Impact your organization’s call outcomes via full-cycle call coaching capabilities.


Real-Time Coaching

Provide real-time call coaching, whether you are sitting right next to a sales rep, across the office or across the globe. SalesLoft’s Live Call Studio allows you to provide the attention and care good coaching requires, at scale.

See who is on an active call, and listen in, whisper feedback to the rep, or join the call. If reps need help and know it, they can proactively raise their hand to ask for help!


Call Recording Review

SalesLoft gives you the option to automatically record calls, track disposition and sentiment analysis, and analyze call outcomes, directly within the platform. Concerned about consent? Disable recording completely or only record your side of the conversation by area or country code.

Use this capability to accelerate your team’s learning curve. Identify areas of improvement on greetings, pitches, and objection handling. Provide real, actionable insight and quickly coach reps through their own conversations, not exercises or examples.

Advanced Call Analytics

Sales call performance doesn’t have to be a mystery. SalesLoft Dialer shows you what’s working, and allows you to optimize your calls accordingly.

Call Analytics

SalesLoft prioritizes the metrics that truly matter: conversations and outcomes. With a better understanding of your approach and your results, you can increase your team’s effectiveness overnight. SalesLoft also provides insights into the disposition of every call, allowing you to quickly analyze the outcome of the team’s sales conversations for coaching moments and praise.


Custom Dispositions

Understanding is key to making real connections, and SalesLoft let’s you dive deep with every prospect. Leverage SalesLoft Dialer’s 15 custom activity fields, such as call duration, sentiment, disposition, and cadence identifiers for deep insights into every activity.

A/B Testing

A/B testing isn’t just for email. Test multiple call openings and call scripts to uncover which variations you should double down on for the best conversions. A/B testing call steps through SalesLoft is a powerful way to drive your sales development strategy forward through continual improvement and optimization.


Salesforce Call Logging

No longer will you need to manually capture calls in Salesforce. As you dial down your list, the platform will automatically log calls, record tasks, capture notes, and sync directly into Salesforce.


“We’ve seen a 179% increase in quality conversations after implementing SalesLoft.”

-Steven Broudy, Head of Account Development, MuleSoft


True Dialing Intelligence

SalesLoft Dialer provides the features a modern sales team needs to make more connections.

Engagement Triggers

Getting the right leads into your call queue can be a manual process. SalesLoft handles the heavy lifting for you, and gives you the flexibility to create automation rules to inject the right people into your dialing workflow based on persona, field updates, activity, or account tier.

Timezone Detection

Every modern sales professional knows that timing is everything. Use automatic timezone detection to trigger your next communication so you always reach out at the right time, every time.

Call Recording Governance

Call compliance is a priority for SalesLoft and our customers. Administrator-level call recording settings enables organizations to stay compliant. You configure call recording defaults at the team or rep level for granular control and oversight.

Live Call Quality Sensor

Have confidence that you are hearing your prospects and that they are hearing you, at all times. Our sensors provide real-time feedback during live calls for the most commonly occurring quality issues so that you can take appropriate action, like reporting network issues or checking on your headset’s microphone.

We Believe in Sales

We believe in one another. We believe the values that unite our people also define and distinguish our solutions.

We believe in our customers. We believe each and every organization we help will be better equipped to deliver an unbelievable sales experience.

We believe in sales. We believe modernizing sales means helping people evolve the way they think about, support and approach sales.

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