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10 Rainmaker 2016 Speakers Talk All Things Sales Development

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Feb. 4, 2016

It’s almost time for Rainmaker 2016, the the one and only conference dedicated 100% to all things sales development. Our Rainmaker 2016 speakers want to answer the question: what’s next in sales development?

The answer is bigger than ourselves — it is about you, your dreams and ideas, and building better businesses faster than ever with your sales development leadership.

Check out these power-packed quotes from 10 of our badSaaS Rainmaker 2016 Speakers, and get a little sneak peak into the kind of knowledge they’re going to be dropping in just a few weeks here in Atlanta!

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Don’t bashfully tread around the question. Just. Freaking. Ask.’ Hear more @garyvee at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”‘The fact of the matter is (reps) have to go right in the for the kill. You don’t bashfully tread around the question. You don’t try to rephrase it or be cute about it. Just. Freaking. Ask.’ Gary Vaynerchuk”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“Decision maker selling has been lost. That is changing.” Hear more from @funnelholic at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”“For the last couple years in the brave new world of inside selling aka champion selling, the practice of getting to the decision maker selling has been lost. That is changing.” – Craig Rosenberg, TOPO”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“SDRs are the lifeblood of your organization.” Hear more #sdrtips from @rharris415 at #Rainmaker16 ” quote=”“SDRs are the lifeblood of your organization. The SDR role is the gateway to getting young, talented, smart people in the door of your company. People should stop thinking of them as only being sales people.”- Richard Harris, The Harris Consulting Group”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“Create opportunities to grow.” Hear more #sdrtips from @SnackNation at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”“Growth is not given to you, there are not growth opportunities. You outgrow the position you’re in, and create opportunities to grow.” -Kevin Dorsey, SnackNation”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“Personalize your messaging by getting to know prospects.” Hear more from @mattya56 at #Rainmaker16 ” quote=”“You are a person, and you should have interactions with your prospects as if you are a human being. Personalize your messaging by getting to know prospects. They want you to know them!” – Matt Amundson, Everstring”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“Sales development is a game with unlimited mulligans.” Hear more from @srichardv at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”“If you contact people on their cell phones the right way, then it is a very effective method. If you do not, you won’t be remembered anyway. Sales development is a game with unlimited mulligans.” – Steve Richard, Vorsight”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“A culture where SDRs are treated as 2nd-class citizens drives them out.” Hear more at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”“Fostering a culture where sales development representatives are treated as second-class citizens drives potential-future-leaders for your organization out, possibly, into the hands of your competitors.” – Steven Broudy, MuleSoft”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“Winners aren’t average.” Hear more about #salesdevelopment from @rbarsi at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”“Unless you decide to be successful in your career, you will be average, at best. Winners aren’t average.” – Ralph Barsi, ServiceNow”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“The convenience of a consumer, with an experience of a F500.” Hear more @indojacco at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”“Successful companies must be able to cater a B2B buyer with the convenience of a consumer, yet with a customized, consultative, provocative B2B experience as if he worked for a F500 company.” – Jacco van der Kooij, Winning By Design”]

[clickToTweet tweet=”“Make the time to understand prospects’ specific needs.” Hear more from @JohnMBarrows at #Rainmaker16″ quote=”“If you can’t make the time to prepare and understand (prospects’) specific needs of each and every client then you don’t deserve their business.” – John Barrows”]

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