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15 Stresses Every Sales Development Rep Faces Daily

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Updated Aug. 9, 2021
Published Feb. 5, 2016

We believe that sales development is the future for truly successful sales teams. Through sales stack tools like Salesloft, sales development allows managers to build a rhythm of phone calls, sales emails and social touches for their team to follow consistently. This saves time for Sales Development Reps to do what they do well: set qualified appointments.

But what about the issues that SDRs face on the day-to-day sales battlefield that software can’t solve?

While we’re relentless in our goal to create an environment for SDRs to work efficiently and effectively, there are always going to be smaller roadblocks that can’t be solved by the click of a button. These three infographics below show 15 examples of the stresses SDRs face every day, and ways they can confront them head on:

5 Reasons Your Prospects Say No

This infographic from ZoomInfo covers the painful rejection that Sales Development Reps receive on the daily, and why they happen. In the five reasons below, discover the reasoning behind these rejections, and better equip your SDRs with how to respond to them:

5 Reasons Prospects Say No Infographic

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5 Actionable Tips for Cold Calling

This infographic from Winmo addresses the stress of cold calling that Sales Development reps encounter on the daily. These five tips for successful cold calling not only build a pipeline of prospects for your business, but increase close rates and profit in the process (yeah!):

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.23.42 PM

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5 Top Email Mistakes that Will Send You to Spam

This infographic from TechnologyAdvice covers the email blockers that many SDRs face regularly. These five common problems can get an email in trouble, either by raising its spam score or by losing the recipient’s interest. Learn how to combat these issues head on:

5 email infographic

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To all of the Sales Development Reps out there — don’t get discouraged. Whether its objection handling or cold calling, these infographics show you that you’re not alone in the daily stresses you face. Every rep comes across these scenarios, and as long as you come prepared, you’ll be able to face those challenges like a champ and never let them stress you out again.

For a more comprehensive look at how to be a killer SDR, download our Top Secret Sales Development Playbook and start crushing your sales development goals today.