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Vocabulary Words You Need to Inject Into Your Sales Repertoire

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Apr. 1, 2014

The way you talk about your product is your customer’s introduction to its value.

If you want to succeed, you need to paint the right picture for your prospects. Don’t lose a deal based on sloppy interactions.

There are five words that can help you articulate yourself like the sales champion you are:

Benefits (not Specifications)

Explain exactly how your service will benefit a customer by focusing on the big picture.

Rather than listing specs X, Y, and Z extrapolate on what these features will accomplish and how they will help the prospect. For example:

Salesloft is the simplest way to build accurate and targeted lists of leads on the internet. You’ll be able to spend more time talking to customers and less time prospecting with the ultimate outreach tool.

is better than…

Salesloft helps you find phone numbers and emails that can help build lists of prospects. It also has an option to look up members of groups to find their contact information.

While both explain the product, the first is much more valuable because it’s more holistic.

Value (not Price)

Price should never be a valid objection to any sales call.

Your job as a sales professional is to demonstrate the value your product has, showing how it far outweighs the price. Therefore, your conversations should be value centered.

It’s easier and more effective to convince the customer of your value early on because it will take price completely out of the picture.

You (not I)

The product is for them, not you.

If you want to delight your customer, focus on them. Instead of talking about yourself, talk to them about how they’ll save time and energy with the investment in your product.

Say something simple, like:

You will be able to spend twice as much time calling and emailing your best prospects.

It’s clear, it’s understandable, and it demonstrates value.

Talking about yourself in the first person only convolutes the benefits to them. Make it all about the customer.

Process (not Specifications)

Rhythm and cadence play a huge role in any business.

In sales, you’ve got to target the context in which your product is going to be used. Your conversations with clients should focus highly on when and how your product is going to be used, not simply the explicit functions. Dig down into the process that your prospect would be using your tools and speak to it.

Objectives (Theirs, Not Yours)

As a sales organization, it’s always important to determine your customer’s objectives. If you can help them tackle their business goals, your value increases exponentially.

Ask questions like:

What are your revenue goals next quarter and how are you going to get there? What happens if X occurs? What about Y? Who is responsible for that and what happens if it is not achieved? What is it worth to the company?

If you can help your prospect meet these goals, you’ll close the deal then and there.

What are your most important sales vocabulary words?