The city of Atlanta was represented brightly yesterday in Boulder, Colorado when local sales intelligence company, SalesLoft, was introduced as one of the newest members of the nationally prominent accelerator: TechStars

“We’re here from Atlanta by way of Georgia Tech” stated founders Kyle Porter and Chris Beauregard. TechStars Boulder, recently heralded as the number one startup accelerator in the nation, had its new headquarters packed to kick off the summer session with other TechStar companies, VCs, mentors, and staff, and now can count SalesLoft as the first ever member from Atlanta.

SalesLoft Represents Atlanta at TechStars Boulder
The SalesLoft Team: (left to right) Jon Birdsong, Kyle Porter, Chris Beauregard, Todd Wilson

Over 1400 hundred companies applied to TechStars Boulder and 12 were selected to participate in the 13 week high impact accelerator program. At that rate the program is harder to get into than Harvard or Yale.

“Our decision to pack up for the summer and move west to Boulder, Colorado was made by the entire team. We all believe the mentorship, connections, and resources will provide SalesLoft an unbelievable opportunity to succeed as a company and look forward to sharing our experiences back home”, stated Jon Birdsong, marketing and sales.

“With over 160 proven mentors spread throughout the country, the TechStars network is one we want to be involved with. We’re working harder than ever to make our city, educational institutions, and Atlanta mentors proud. We’ll be back in Atlanta at the end of the summer and are eager to share what we’ve learned.”

SalesLoft Represents Atlanta at TechStars Boulder

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-The SalesLoft Team

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