One way to improve sales is to decrease the number of touch-points necessary to close deals. In this quick sales video, we walk you through why this is important and share the value of sincere selling. Hope you enjoy!

Sales Video on Decreasing Sales Cycles by SalesLoft


Kyle Porter here with SalesLoft. I met with a sales manager recently and he told me his reps were taking 25 or more touch points to close their sales opportunities.

We talked about ways to reduce touch-points and I thought of this chart. Check it out (in the sales video):

On the x -axis we have the # of touch points required to close a sale, ranging low to high
on the y -axis we have the sales cycle duration also ranging from low to high.

This one is obvious.

as the number of touch points required to close a deal increases, so does the sales cycle.

But we want to get that number down. We want to move our sales closer to this lower quadrant.

So the goal is to Decrease the # of touch points so that you can decrease the sales cycle

I recommended to the sales manager that he introduce more sincerity in each touch point

By automating more research, using stronger contextual talking points, monitoring prospects for news events, job changes etc, you can increase sincerity.

And when you increase sincerity, you decrease your sales cycles.