We’re proud to introduce our 8th edition of the sales leader series with an awesome interview of Barbara Giamanco. Barb is an an author, speaker, and consultant focused on the world of social selling. Her insights on the changing climate in sales, social tools and new age philosophies are both helpful and refreshing.

We asked Barb questions about her philosophy on sales, how she got to where she is today, and how sales reps can get ahead using social.

There are a few direct takeaways you can implement today:

Part 1 Transcript:
Kyle: Two minute philosophy on sales, and go.
Barbara: My philosophy on sales is provide value and take a go-giver
mindset. So instead of worrying about what you’re going to sell
today, try and give to other people first, and I have found
through the years that the more you give back, the more that
comes to you in return. So that’s probably less than two
minutes. Go give and don’t worry about giving things away. Just
expect a great return when you do that, helping other people.