This week, I’m hosting the most important event of my career. Here’s the letter I sent to all our attendees:

My fellow Rainmakers

In January 2013, I walked door to door through our office building with my co-founders Rob and Tim. We didn’t know it then, but we were shadowing a new breed of sales professionals. We were shadowing a band of category creators who were evangelizing a better way of doing business and generating revenue.

These category creators were just like you. In fact, many of them were you.

As sales rebels, you represented what we’ve now come to call “sales development” (the art and science of setting qualified appointments and demos).

Fast forward two years later and we’ve learned more from you than we ever imagined.

We’ve seen first hand how your companies can triple their revenue by putting to work the power of sales development. We’ve learned what drives your business, what helps you become faster, stronger, more accurate, and more effective when it comes to setting meetings. We’ve learned what you want to see more of…and what you don’t need any of. We’ve listened and incorporated your feedback into the fiber of who we are and what we create.

Through you, we’ve learned that sales development is the biggest innovation to happen to the sales process over the last decade.

This Wednesday marks a grand moment in the history of selling.

Rainmaker 2015 represents the first-ever conference focused entirely on the sales development process. I’m honored to host you, to serve you with new relationships, new technologies, inspirations, and new ideas. Our speaker lineup is a cast of absolute all-stars in this emerging field. You’ll meet great new people, forging partnerships and learning ideas that will last your entire career.

We’re just in the early innings of sales development. As this space grows, you’ll find yourself called more and more to lead the charge for your companies by CEOs and owners.

If you have the desire, you will become CEOs and owners. The skills you build now will set you apart for the rest of your lives. And you’ll have the opportunity to say “I was there at the beginning.”

Here’s to a great week Rainmakers. Below is my cell if you need it for ANYTHING.

Our companies must never let their lead flow die. You all are legends in the making. Enjoy Rainmaker 2015!

Kyle Porter

SalesLoft CEO; 678.810.1982