Tomasz Tunguz, Partner at Redpoint Ventures, is one of the greatest bloggers in the SaaS sales space. From his simple-yet-creative visual breakdowns, to his researched analyses of ways to better your sales process, Tunguz’s attention to detail makes the tiniest of improvements induce the most epic of waves.

Selecting our favorite sales blog posts from was about as easy as picking a favorite child, but these are the five we deemed the most impactful blogs for improving your SaaS sales game:

1. The 5 Key People In A SaaS Sales Process

It’s common practice in SaaS to create a playbook for your sales process. But what’s equally as important as recognizing the key dynamics of your sales game is recognizing the key players.

TT5keypeople copy

From the Proponent of the Sale (your number one fan), to the Opponent of the Sale (your JJ Watt), to the Decisionmaker and other stakeholders, it’s the sales rep’s job to understand each position and build a relationship with each of these players.

2. How Faster Sales Cycles Become A Competitive Advantage

A tough-to-achieve but competitive advantage your SaaS sales team can have is a freaky fast sales process. Although it’s uncommon in the SaaS world, having a shorter sales cycle can give you the edge over your competition for at least five reasons:

  • More rapid discovery process for testing.
  • >Faster evaluation of new sales candidates.
  • Kickass sales velocity momentum.
  • Quicker market feedback = quicker product improvement.
  • More accurate, predictable, and simplified financial forecasting.

3. Challenging Your Customers During Your SaaS Startup’s Sales Process

Based on the Corporate Executive Board’s breakdown of the five core sales performers, the Challenger is the highest performing rep of all. Through teaching, tailoring and controlling the sales process, the rep that challenges their customers is going to be the rep that runs through brick walls.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.19.44 PM

Successful SaaS sales reps may come in all shapes and sizes, but those who challenge — close.

4. Sales Funnel Optimization For SaaS Startups

A ridiculously common misconception in SaaS sales is a backloaded sales funnel. Teams focus too much energy trying to optimize conversions from opportunity to customer, when the sale is already in the AE’s hand. But the more effective (and less expensive) optimization comes at the top of the funnel. Increasing efforts behind the Sales Development Rep’s prospecting phase will dramatically improve overall conversion rates.


5. You’re Not Finished Selling Until You Change Your Customers Habits

Selling your product is all well and good. But you haven’t changed your customers lives until you’ve changed their habits. An unsuccessfully onboarded buyer is just as invaluable to you as a prospect that never bought.

Without the sale, we didn’t make money. Without adoption, our product didn’t work. It had no value and customers abandoned it.

A sale may have initial monetary value, but in order for a sale to be truly successful, you have to have a cohesive marriage of product education and adoption.

Sales development is a strong emerging faction in sales, but many resources are slim, out of date and aren’t driving today’s revenue machines. That’s why thought-leading blogs like Tomasz Tunguz’s are so valuable to sales development reps. It’s expert experience mashed with informative content and actionable takeaways — all winning resources for an SDR’s toolbelt.

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