In case you’re new to the game, we’re here at Rainmaker 2016 and we’re live blogging the keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions throughout the event.

We’ve heard from the SalesLoft family during the keynote, and then 3 of the industry’s top thought-leaders: TOPO’s Craig Rosenberg, Winning by Design’s Jacco van der Kooij, and j.barrows LLC’s John Barrows shared their opinions on the modern sales model.

Now we’re here with TOPO’s Kristina McMillan, one of the top sales development analysts in the game, and MuleSoft’s Steven Broudy, formerly an Army Ranger Sniper Team Leader, and currently Head of Account Development for the Americas. Account Based Sales Development (ABSD) can help your team develop target accounts and set more appointments using less leads.

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Check out some of these tweetable takeaways from Steven and Kristina as they share their expert opinions on implementing a solid ABSD approach from the ground up.

You can't just take what previously worked for outbound. You have to change the behaviors into a persona-based strategy.Click To Tweet
A rep who is capable of cranking out cold calls at high numbers is not necessarily going to be the rep that knows how to dive deep into each account with the level of personalization needed in ABSD.Click To Tweet
How can you really get into the mindset of your buyers?Click To Tweet
Stop being selfish and start being prospect-centric.Click To Tweet
ABSD is a much longer touch pattern, but there's an opportunity to rest accounts between touchpoints. You can't email them once a week for a year. You need something relevant and multi-channel to help them answer, 'Why should we care?'Click To Tweet
Prospecting and touchpoints are an on-going practice. Stop reading infographics on how many touchpoints it takes to get through to a prospect -- go out and find your own data.Click To Tweet
Where are you in terms of your sales maturation?Click To Tweet
You have to make sure that reps know how to talk to accounts in their own language.Click To Tweet
If you hire a learner-mindset, they're going to be way more adaptable to an ABSD transition.Click To Tweet

Stay tuned — we’re live blogging the entire Rainmaker experience — right here from your one stop shop for all things sales development. Comment below with your thoughts on the keynotes, sessions, and events throughout the event!