Man, one month of 2017 is already gone. It’s amazing how time flies. But here at SalesLoft we like to see these early months fly by because it means we’re that much closer to our annual conference March 1–3: Rainmaker 2017.

If you’re a sales professional with a focus on sales engagement, and in a modern sales organization that’s ALL sales professionals, this is the only conference all year designed exclusively for you. Three days of the sales industry’s leading minds, sales pioneers, and practitioners focused on educating and enabling each other to move the sales profession forward.

Oh wait. You already knew all that and you’re already dying to go? Let’s make that happen.

I get it. You’re in, but your manager holds the keys to the corporate jet (or your expense report approvals) and you need to make the ask. Well, here are four ways to convince them that Rainmaker 2017 isn’t just worth your time and theirs, it’s a necessity to move your business forward in 2017.

To Learn

Above all else, Rainmaker is focused on making each and every attendee better at the end of day three than they were on day one. The sales profession is always changing. New techniques. New strategies. New tools. The most successful sales reps are always learning, and Rainmaker is the perfect opportunity to cram a whole year’s worth of knowledge into three days. That means over 45 talented speakers, 20 breakout sessions, and some inspiring keynotes to boot. Whether you’re an SDR or AE, Sales Operations or Sales Management, Sales Executive or Marketing Executive, there will be so much for you to learn and so many opportunities to level-up your game.

To Network

Networking is always a key feature of any conference, and Rainmaker is no different. With over 700 sales engagement professionals flooding into Atlanta for the conference, there is a tremendous opportunity to build new relationships, meet new mentors, find new friends, or even discover new deals. You wont find such a like-minded group of sales professionals anywhere else in 2017, each one as passionate about modern sales as you are.

To Get Real ROI

Whether it’s from new contacts, new deals, or new knowledge, each and every Rainmaker attendee leaves richer than they arrive. Past Rainmaker attendees have seen real ROI as they returned to their daily positions more motivated, better educated, and more prepared than ever before. Rainmaker is just the boost any sales professional needs to make the year to come a success.

I know, all of that sounds great, but you’ve spent your whole day sending amazing sales emails and couldn’t possibly put figurative pen to figurative paper to draft all that into an email.

Don’t worry. We get it and we got you. Just copy and past the email below:

Good Morning [name]-
I wanted to touch base about the team attending SalesLoft’s Rainmaker 2017 conference in March. I think it would be a huge benefit for our team to attend and could be a huge boost for us for the rest of the year. Here’s why:
  • They have a dedicated [SDR/AE, Sales Management, Sales Ops, Demand Gen, Director/VP] track with content tailored toward tackling our goals for the coming year.
  • With over 700 attendees, it will be a great opportunity for us to build our professional networks and maybe even find a new prospect or two.
  • With the contacts we make and the information we’ll learn, we’ll come back to the office ready to deliver some serious ROI on the event.

This really is a great opportunity for us to expand our knowledge and push our team forward.

Here’s some pricing info on attending:
  • Group tickets are only $399
  • SalesLoft has a discounted room block at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta
  • Transportation discounts are available, to and from the airport, and surrounding areas.
  • Meals will be provided onsite
I believe I speak for the entire team when I say — THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN MISS THIS EVENT.
What do you say? Let’s go make it happen.