It’s almost here. SalesLoft’s annual Sales Engagement Conference. Rainmaker ’17. Tickets are selling fast, the hotel block is filling up and, most importantly, the lineup of speakers is starting to get STACKED.

While sales reps come to Rainmaker each year for a number of reasons, the one we hear most often is to learn. The modern sales professional needs to constantly be learning and evolving to succeed. And with the list of day-to-day responsibilities for sales professionals only growing longer, finding time to learn can be a real challenge. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure that every minute of Rainmaker is packed with valuable insight from industry thought leaders and pioneers.

In their recent eBook, one of our favorite partners, Gong, compiled insights from the industry’s leading minds and one thing that stuck out to me as I was reading it was how many of them will be speaking at the conference.

So I thought I’d pull together a few of the best to give you a preview of what’s to come at Rainmaker on March 1st!

“People buy from people; they don’t buy from the perfect pitch, script, or canned demo. The more real and transparent you are with them the more real and transparent they will be with you.” -John BarrowsClick To Tweet
“When you make how you sell as important as what you sell, your sales team will become the ultimate differentiator.” -Jacco VanderkooijClick To Tweet
“Those reps that make the buyer feel like they are the most important person in the world and that they passionately believe they can help them - are the ones that succeed.” -Craig RosenbergClick To Tweet
“Now that we have made ourselves more efficient, people are finally realizing that is only 30% of the battle. The other 70% of the battle happens in the conversations.” -Richard HarrisClick To Tweet
“Of all the sales organizations we study, the top-performing teams have a fanatical obsession with the buyer.” -Kristina McMillanClick To Tweet
“It’s time to stop acting like a cheesy salesperson and act like a business person.” -Emmanuelle SkalaClick To Tweet
“Start with: I realize I’m an Interruption. Enjoy the fact that 95% of the prospects will chuckle and let you give your 30 second pitch” -Chad BurmeisterClick To Tweet

That’s just a small taste of the 100+ page ebook and the stacked list of speakers we have lined up for Rainmaker this year. Don’t miss out and book your tickets today!