While the sales leadership roles of today look very different from those of just ten years ago, the focus of those roles has stayed strikingly consistent: maximize revenue and get the best out of your people.

However, the tactics required to achieve this goal are far from consistent. As customers and industries change, so do the challenges facing sales leaders and their organizations. While these obstacles are certainly challenging, they say a lot about the state of the industry and where the sales profession is headed.

That’s why we like to periodically interview dozens of Sales VPs about the current challenges facing their account executives. The answers help paint a vivid picture of the current state of sales and where sales executives need to focus their time.

We’ve compiled some of the most common shared challenges we heard from our interviews and compiled them into our latest ebook “The Sales Leader’s Guide To Account Executive Success.”



This ebook outlines three of the top challenges facing today’s modern sales leaders and their account executives. Each challenge has been divided into contributing issues account executives face and how SalesLoft can help your organization solve them. The key issues include:

  • Building a Consistent Process
  • Sourcing Pipeline
  • Pipeline Coverage

The sales challenges outlined in this book are shared by most modern sales organizations. As such, their existence in your own organization does not represent a fatal flaw or major handicap. Quite to the contrary, these challenges present a tremendous opportunity for the sales organization with the technology and know-how to solve them.

So download a copy of the ebook today and take your account executive team into the modern sales era.