5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at REV2020

If you know SalesLoft, you’ve probably heard about REV2020, our annual conference about where sales is going. It’s coming up fast in March. If this is the first you’re hearing about REV2020 (formerly Rainmaker), then RUN, don’t walk, to

In case you’re not convinced this event is worth your while, this post is for you. Here are five parts of REV2020 you don’t want to miss.

1. Spike Lee

Author. Writer. Actor. Director. Masterclass teacher. Oscar winner. All-around legendary storyteller. The great Spike Lee is REV2020’s keynote speaker.

We love that Spike is authentic and brave. Beyond brave, he’s bold. He’s not afraid to be controversial or tackle thorny issues. And he tells provocative stories that challenge cultural assumptions about race, class, and social injustice. SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter says,

Spike Lee has opened my eyes to concepts and realities I never knew prior to watching his films. It’s the job of great revenue professionals to open the buyer’s eyes to new concepts and realities they never knew.

Telling stories in an impactful, authentic way is key to succeeding in sales. So, we think our audience will love Spike because he represents exactly what REV2020 is about: bold, powerful, transformative, inspiring, and connected experiences.

2. Hey Salespeople LIVE

With 64 released episodes and 50k downloads in over 10 countries, the Hey Salespeople podcast is on fire. Join our favorite sales nerd, Jeremey Donovan, SalesLoft’s VP of Sales Strategy, for a special live edition of the show. Jeremey interviews the brightest minds in modern sales to bring you immediately actionable advice at REV2020. We’ll record a mix of new and best-of sessions onsite — grab your front row seat!

3. The Pitch

Think of your best pitch ever. You wowed the client. You won the deal. You got the bonus. Take that experience and cross it with American Idol-style judging (including a Simon) and you have The Pitch. Anyone in a sales role attending REV2020 can submit an audition⁠ — and we hope you do! Last year’s winner got a promotion. Could YOU be this year’s winner?

4. General Session Highlights

Want to learn how to double your revenue? Join us for Tuesday morning’s general session. Alfred Boutros, SVP of Sales at Nielsen, will share how a $6 billion public company increased new customers by 500%.

You’ll also hear from David Ketchell of IBM. Learn how this Fortune 50 company is using sales engagement with 5,000 reps around the globe.

5. Alllllll the Educational Content

More details to come about REV2020’s learning tracks in upcoming blog posts. But for now, we’re excited to tell you we’ve got experts lined up from Citrix, DemandBase, Forrester, IBM, JBarrows Sales Training, LinkedIn, Monster, Mulesoft, New Relic, Oracle, Sage Intacct, Shopify, SiriusDecisions, Square, TOPO, and many more! Here’s an overview of the four tracks that will run concurrently between general sessions and the keynote.

Track: Revenue Leadership & Strategy
Strategies to drive demand and inspire excellence in your teams.

  • Organizational structure
  • Market trends
  • Culture, talent, and career development


Track: Revenue Methodology & Mastery
Innovative tactics even the most seasoned individual contributors and front-line managers can build upon.

  • Motivation
  • Productivity tactics
  • Execution tactics


Track: Operations & Systems
Data-driven frameworks and processes to support all revenue-generating teams.

  • Enablement
  • Strategy and planning
  • Tools, systems, and processes


Track: SalesLoft on SalesLoft
Share roadmap, new capabilities, and best practices from SalesLoft’s utilization of SalesLoft.

  • SalesLoft product and features
  • Use cases
  • Platform adoption and implementation strategy

As you can see, reasons abound for you to attend REV2020 (as if a Spike Lee appearance weren’t enough!). Oscar-winning film directors aside, we’ve got live podcasts, American Idol-style throw-downs, cutting edge sales strategy from industry heavy hitters, plus the latest educational content for every conceivable revenue generator. And friends, we’re just getting started.


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