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6 Myths About Sales Engagement Technology

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published May. 21, 2019

Companies are spending more than ever before on technology, but fewer reps are hitting quota (Forbes tells us only 53% of reps make their numbers). This is the worst nightmare of anyone managing a sales tech stack.

How is it that forward-thinking, innovative sales organizations are continuing to thrive? They’ve adapted. They dispelled the myths about Sales Engagement technology and are using it to execute strategies that are customer-focused and authentic.

Are you falling prey to Sales Engagement myths? You don’t have to! Here are some of the most common myths about Sales Engagement that prevent sales organizations from exceeding their sales goals.

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Myth 1: We don’t have the budget.

Sales Engagement technology pays for itself. In February 2019, we commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Salesloft to find out just how much ROI companies using our platform can enjoy. The results surprised even us!

According to The Total Economic Impact™ Of Salesloft, companies using our Sales Engagement platform can show a 329% return on investment over a span of three years. I’ll say it again for the people in the back. 329%. Can you imagine what that would mean to your organization?

Myth 2: We have too many items in our sales tech stack already.

We get it. There’s a lot to wade through in any tech stack. It can become so overwhelming that we’ll do almost anything to avoid having to add even one thing to the mix. But what if that one more thing can make all the things easier to navigate?

The same study found that Sales Engagement technology can actually eliminate other tools in the sales tech stack. In doing so, it saves both money and time. With Salesloft, teams set and execute their sales process all within a single pane of glass on the platform. Check out our 50+ integrations like Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Slack, Zoom, Crystal, and more!

Myth 3: We already have a CRM.

Yes, everybody and their brother has a CRM. That means that the majority of Sales Engagement customers also have a CRM. We have a CRM. The Salesloft platform actually helps sales organizations (including our own) get more value from the CRM.

Robust integrations within our user-friendly platform mean more activity logging by salespeople. That enables high-quality reporting from within your existing CRM. And it means a much happier Sales Ops and Leadership team. ?

Sales engagement technology to log activities

Myth 4: We’re too busy growing and retaining our sales team.

If you’re busy growing and trying to retain sales reps, you’re definitely going to want a Sales Engagement solution. The aforementioned Forrester study demonstrated that Salesloft increases rep retention by 50%. 

In addition to helping onboarding and training needs, Salesloft also enables coaching at scale. This helps your managers get better at coaching and your salespeople get better results.

Don’t take our word for it though. Since implementing Salesloft, Georgia Tech Athletics has had zero turnover in its sales department. Sales Manager Charles O’Donnell told us that “reps are consistent and happy which has a profound effect on our customer service.”

Myth 5: The team is hitting its number.

That’s amazing! You must be leading a stellar team of people. But just imagine what you could do with the same number of salespeople and Sales Engagement technology. More is more. Especially in sales.

You didn’t get where you are today by stagnating. In order to sustain your growth, you need to keep evolving. Salesloft can give you what you need to continue leveling up and achieving more.

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Myth 6: We have marketing automation and that’s all we need.

By now you may have already guessed what we’re going to say. We have marketing automation, too! Can you imagine not having it? You’d never be able to keep up with your competitors. In a few years, you’ll feel the same way about Sales Engagement technology.

Marketing automation sits at the top-most part of the funnel. Sales Engagement is what comes next. Use it for the second part of the buyer’s journey, and beyond.

What’s Next?

Let go of the status quo. Refuse to stagnate. We can help. Take the next step in optimizing your customers’ experiences across their journey. Give your sales team more time in their day and win more. Make your Sales Ops team ecstatic when every activity is logged. Look like a hero when you can bring your leadership team even greater results.

Sales Engagement with Salesloft helps the world’s best sales organizations deliver value and create trust by connecting with their customers in an authentic, human way, at scale. Learn more in our eBook, The Sales Tech Stack: Your Guide to Sales Engagement.

Your Guide to Sales Engagement