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7 Best Practices For Designing Your Sales Process

3 min read
Mar. 24, 2015

Last week, our Salesloft team members joined the TOPO webinar on the “7 Best Practices For Designing Your Sales Process.”

Moderated by Chris Snell, Inside Sales Manager at, and lead by TOPO’s Chief Analyst, Craig Rosenberg, the webinar dove into specific examples of how the world’s fastest-growing companies use sales processes to drive exceptional revenue growth.

Don’t confuse CRM with sales process… process is bigger than that. CRM is there to help you implement, manage and enforce sales process: These ‘7 Best Practices’ outline the plan, how to sell, and how to win deals – NOT how to click!

Rosenberg and Snell shared data, best practices, and tools used by high growth sales teams so that your organization can design a well-defined sales process as well.

Here are some of the key tweetable takeaways from the live webinar:

First, map your process to your market and your buyer.


Next, understand the buyer and the buying journey.


Map the buyer journey to your sales stages.


The sales process should tell the organization at large (CEO, salesperson, etc.) where we are with the buyer, what the salesperson should do next, and what needs to happen in order to move the client on to the next steps.


Train and enable your reps with tools, technology, and resources.


Enforce your sales process.


Track quantitative metrics at each stage of the sales process. With defined steps, you can identify any roadblocks and then optimize for success.


Through these best practices, Craig and Chris explained how to design a complete sales process to drive higher conversion rates, bigger average deal sizes, and shorter sales cycles.

Are you having any difficulties or roadblocks at a specific stage in your sales process? Here at Salesloft, we’ve developed our own sales process design for each stage.

Need an example to get you started?

You can download our Top Secret Sales Development Playbook to see how we ensure the success of our SDRs during our sales development stage!