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7 Steps to Make Your Buyer’s Life Simple

2 min read
May. 23, 2013

What do you think is the number one way to lose a sale? It’s not pricing, and it’s not valued prop — it’s a cumbersome sales process. Think about it: the buyer already has pains throughout their day. Why else would they be in search of a tool to help with their sales productivity? So, if they’re already facing struggles, and then you hit them with a lengthy, complicated sales process, odds are they’re going to run away faster than you can say, “Who’s your decision maker?”

So what’s the trick to keeping your buyer’s life simple? The answer lies in customer love and transferring that empathy and understanding how you sell to them. From streamlining communication to maximize the time you’re in front of the buyer, to provide valuable content that’s truly going to raise them up as a sales hero, it’s all about centering the sale around your buyer’s life and process.

Here are seven simple steps you can follow to ensure this prioritization of the buyer’s life, and how you can make just a few tweaks to your customer correspondence to simplify the sales process:


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