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A Look Inside a Real Sales Operations Leader’s Process

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Updated Aug. 10, 2021
Published Nov. 22, 2016

For Sales Operations leaders, Salesforce is a safe place for all things data and activity. The monitors of the modern sales process, they’re keeping a constant bead on where every single member of that process stands in regards to their performance.

With integrated platforms like Salesloft, it’s that much easier for Sales Operations leaders to manage that process. Sales engagement takes finesse, almost like an intensely choreographed ballet, and the Sales Operations leader is the choreographer calling all of the counts. From start to finish, the data dance is the inspiration behind their purpose: overall team improvement. That dance starts with the input of data into Salesforce.

But even with the world’s best sales development team, and the world’s best closers, a sales organization without a productive and efficient Sales Operations process will eventually fail. That’s why we created our ebook, “Salesforce for Sales Engagement: Sales Operations Leaders,” to talk about the tools and tricks Sales Operations uses manage that process every day.




We definitely use Salesloft at every point in the sales cycle. So we have specific cadences based on each buyer persona. The cadence includes that content and is pre-built so the rep can just go and execute. We’re continuing to tweak the definition of our ICP all the time.

We have to develop an ideal customer profile to help us figure out where to focus our activity. We use a scheduling tool called Chili Piper when we schedule demos that allows us to send out a handful of times to the customer and let them pick one and schedule a meeting with us. It syncs everything into Salesforce. It tracks it back to the rep who booked it.

We do most of our reporting through Salesforce, so that will track everything that was done through Salesloft, and give us easy dashboards and reports to see where we’re winning and where we’re successful.

Download your free copy today and start getting the most out of Salesforce. While CRMs weren’t built with modern sales tactics in mind, but remember: a team with solid Sales Operations data in Salesforce crushes numbers, while teams that just wing it barely hit quota.