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An Inside Look at the Rainmaker 17 Sales Track

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Feb. 7, 2017

This year, we’re doing things a little differently at Rainmaker. Instead of one sales-focused agenda, you’ll have the choice of three different tracks based on your area of focus: sales, sales operations, and account-based.

Why the shift? Well, first of all, it was the only way we could fit so many sessions and so much knowledge into three days! As we’ve mentioned before, Rainmaker is first-and-foremost about education and advancement, and we’ve been focused on delivering as much knowledge as possible to our attendees since the very beginning.

But the second, and more important reason, is this wider focus is representative of a change taking place in the sales industry. In modern sales organizations, the walls between different functions are coming down. Delivering exceptional customer experiences requires transparency, communication, and alignment. As a result, it’s now impossible to have a sales engagement conference without including sales operations and account-based sales roles.

So, you’re looking into the sales track this year. Rainmaker Classic as I like to call it. What can you expect?

Case Studies

The sales track contains two extensive case studies, hand-picked for the insights they provide to SDRs and AEs. Learn best practices and insights from actual Salesloft customers and partners who will be sharing their stories.


The sales track will also have seven sessions tailored specifically to sales functions. Those sessions are:

Day 2

10:30am — 11:15am

Transforming a Sales Team into a Modern Sales Organization

11:15am — 12:00pm

Getting Personal: Warming up Your Cold Calls

1:00pm — 1:45pm

Personalization in a Batch-and-Blast World

1:45pm — 2:30pm

The Path to Success: Enabling Managers and Reps

2:45pm — 3:30pm

The Customer Acquisition Playbook: From Sales Development to Accounts to Customer Success

4:15pm — 5:00pm

Marketing and Sales: Aligning the Modern Dream Team

Day 3

10:15am — 10:45am

Morale and Time Management: How a Modern Sales Organization Drives Morale and Personal Growth

If you’re in any type of frontline sales function, the sales track at Rainmaker this year was designed specifically with you in mind and is not to be missed!

Claim your spot and register today!

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