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Announcing SalesLoft Cadence: The Application Of Record For The Sales Development Team

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Updated Dec. 10, 2020
Published Sep. 2, 2014

In the last six months alone, Salesloft has added over 500 new customers to our Prospecting Platform.

But this post isn’t about our customer acquisition, it’s about their feedback.

These customers represent Sales Development teams all over the world. And their number one request is for an app that enables reps to perform Sales Development best practices in order to maximize qualified appointments and demos.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the application of record for the Sales Development team, Salesloft Cadence.

This tool allows you to increase appointments and demos up to 300% by injecting rhythm into your email and phone communications.

Take a look:

Here is what you will see when you install the Salesloft Cadence App:

1. Don’t Miss A Beat In Your Selling Rhythm

Build your own unique process for sales development emails, phone calls, and other activity. Cadence will provide “bumper guards” to keep your email on track, your phone list completed, and anything else your sales development team needs to generate more deals.


2. Send Real Emails, Not Spam

Salesloft connects directly to your mail server, not via a transactional third party system.

This means that all emails are sent from you, “one-to-one”, not as bulk or promotional email. They don’t require to unsubscribe links and send directly from your email app. They even show up in your Sent box.


3. Automatically Remove Replies From Your Cadence

When someone replies to your email, you don’t want to manually remove them from your process. With Salesloft Cadence, all prospects who reply are immediately removed from your follow-up email templates.


4. Don’t Be A Robot. Be Yourself With ‘Semi-Automation’

Salesloft Cadence is designed with your needs in mind.

We’re not going to fire off drip campaigns without your permission. We make it easy to send groups of messages at once, but give you the power to tweak or adjust any email just before hitting send.


5. Customize Each Email In A Batch, In Moments

Reference a prospect’s social profiles, blogs, or specific interest.

Salesloft Cadence gives you the opportunity to scale your sincerity by tweaking each message however you’d like while keeping things lightning fast.


This is a game-changer in the sales development arena and it’s easy to get started.

We’ve since updated the Salesloft Platform. Check out our Salesloft Sales Email tool today.