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Everything You Need to Build an Engagement Strategy

by Kelly McCabe
3 min read
Updated Aug. 25, 2022
Published Aug. 19, 2022

Your company’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy likely includes dozens of touch points from the time a buyer is a prospect until they are renewing as a customer. An engagement strategy will help you manage these complex moments throughout the customer lifecycle.

What is an Engagement Strategy?

An engagement strategy considers who you are engaging with, how you do it (collectively), and lays out the best-in-class sales motions for scenarios like prospecting, beginning renewal discussions early, and transitioning conversations from person to person (the dreaded lead handoff).

Engagement Strategy Checklist

When each moment is complex and there are dozens of moments to strategize, you might need to visualize the process. I recommend a buyer/customer engagement blueprint. This will help you to see gaps in clarity and where you can optimize certain steps.

After years of consulting with countless organizations, I have developed a checklist to guide the process. I’m sharing it with you below and you can also download a free copy here.

Download here

1. Discovery

Pro Tip: Partner with your operations and technology teams to speak with each (and every) team that engages with a prospect or current customer. Download this list of questions to keep you focused during these meetings.

Download here

2. Current State Engagement Blueprint Draft

Pro Tip: This should illustrate every part of the process from prospecting to customer expansion opportunities.

Not sure what an engagement blueprint should look like? Download two templates that you can use as is or for inspiration.

Download here

3. Current State Engagement Blueprint Validation and Revisions

Pro Tip: Make sure Every. Single. Part. of the current process is visualized and validated with each team.

4. Future State Engagement Strategy Development

Pro Tip: Reference the current state blueprint when designing the future stat strategy and blueprint. Ensure success metrics are agreed upon by all teams.

5. Future State Engagement Blueprint Draft

Pro Tip: Make sure this is in a format that is easily shared.

6. Engagement Strategy Future State Roadmap

Pro Tip: This roadmap should account for everything you’re hoping to achieve based on the future state strategy. It should have a complementary project plan.

7. Quarterly Optimization Reviews

Pro Tip: Plan out when key people need to meet to ensure optimizations happen and documentation stays up-to-date.

I know that an engagement strategy will ensure your buyers are on the right path for their entire end-to-end journey. My team is focused on helping organizations build this strategic foundation and we would love to help your team as well. Reach out to the strategy consulting team. 


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Kelly McCabe
Kelly McCabe
Strategy Consultant, Salesloft

As a member of Salesloft’s Strategy Consulting team, Kelly is a results-driven strategist. By providing focused advising for Salesloft’s largest clients, Kelly and her team ensure revenue realization through the utilization of the various features of the platform. Previously, Kelly has been a go-to-market and revenue operations consultant, based in North America, Western Africa, and India. Her sixteen years of experience has made her a leading advisor for both start-ups and multi-nationals across various industries to ultimately drive exceptional revenue outcomes for Salesloft customers.