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Developing a Flywheel For Sales Development

3 min read
Aug. 13, 2014

Jim Collins introduced the concept of a business “flywheel” in 2001.

It is a simple idea. As the wheel spins, it stores energy. It takes a lot of effort to get started, but once in motion, it helps spin itself by building momentum.

The same can be said about a well oiled business operation.

Today, we’ll show you how to develop a flywheel for sales development.

With this strategy, you will crush your numbers, make it easier for new teammates to come up to speed and promote SDRs faster through the sales process.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Develop A Cadence

Perfect a routine for building lists and reaching out to prospects.

When will you prospect? What’s the best time for phone calls? Emails? There are plenty of best practices on the subject that you can adapt for yourself, like this one from WhatCounts:

Sales Development

Having a cadence down pat is the initial push that will set your wheel in motion.

2. Test Your Email Templates

As you’re sending emails in your cadence, monitor the template analytics.

If you always send out an email on Tuesday morning, try changing the body text for a month and compare the responses. Do this over time, and your process will be able to improve with metrics, increasing momentum over time.

3. Speed Up Your Research And Email Personalization Strategies

People respond more to personalized emails.

But as you know, personalization takes time. Develop a way to find information and quickly add it to your email.

For example, a 2×1 strategy is effective.

Spend two minutes finding one interesting piece of information, and add it to a template. That way, you’ll have a balance between personalization and quantity of prospects you can reach.

4. Eliminate Need To Manually Complete Task

The more manual labor that can be eliminated, the better.

If you can send emails in batches with Cadence, find accurate phone numbers, and sync accurate and targeted prospects automatically in CRM, do it.

Sales Development

If you can nail down these steps, the wheel will stay steadily in motion, taking the pressure off individual processes and letting your reps do their jobs easily.

When any one part is improved, the entire cycle accelerates.

Think about it piece by piece and consider the outcome when anyone portion is improved.

If you improve your cadence, you get more responses. As responses increase, so will conversations. Conversations lead to more scheduled demos and ultimately more deals.

This same logic works for any strategy feeding the flywheel.

Whether it’s testing templates, speeding up research, eliminating labor, or handling objections, when you improve one, you build momentum that improves the entire cycle.

If you’re looking for ways to feed your flywheel, Salesloft can find accurate and targeted lists of prospects and help implement best practices for your cadence. Visit Salesloft’s homepage for more.