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Dig A Little Deeper, A Sales Tips Video

3 min read
Oct. 7, 2015

Growth and improvement is possible at any level in a sales organization. Whether you’re a Sales Development Rep, an Account Executive, or even a Director of Sales — it’s crucial to continue practicing new ways to improve your sales process. Watch the video below to learn how Salesloft Director of Sales Anthony Zhang and Sales Development Rep Patrick Tracy improve their process every day.

Anthony’s tip around sales coaching is a powerful takeaway for any sales manager. When it comes to coaching your team, you need to be specific with your feedback. Don’t just offer blanket advice — really dive into the specifics of what was done well and what can be improved. By taking that coaching opportunity to a deeper level, both the rep and the manager will see growth and improvement around the entire process.

Next up, one of Salesloft’s most successful SDRs shares how he’s gained traction with prospects through a more indepth research approach. Prospecting is not just about data (name, number, email) — it’s about human interaction. By proving to your prospect that you’ve done your research, you know what they do, and you hear what their pain points are — you’ll show that you’re here to help them with their process. We’re all here to sell, so why not come together on that common point?

Have any tips that have helped you dig deeper in your sales process? Whether you’re a sales manager or a frontline cold-caller, comment below and share how you’ve improved your daily sales process.