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Don’t Close a Sale Past the Yes, A Sales Tips Video

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Updated Feb. 1, 2023
Published Feb. 24, 2016

When you close a sale, it’s the most gratifying moment in the process as an salesperson. The Sales Development Rep feels great knowing that the prospect they pre-qualified was a quality lead, and the Account Executive finally follows through on a successful appointment.

But what are some tips to make sure you close a sale with confidence?

Salesloft Account Executive Max Wirth started as an SDR, and as he’s shifted to the “closer” role, he’s learned a few strategies along the way. Watch the video below below to learn more from Max on how to successfully close a sale without talking yourself out of it, giving up discounts too early, or without proving your product’s ROI to your prospect.

Video Transcription:

Hey guys, this is Max Wirth. I’m a Sales Executive at Salesloft, and today, I just wanted to share four closing tips that I’ve learned from influential sales leaders in my life to help you close more deals. So let’s dive right in!

Number one, that I learned from my dad, is don’t close past the yes. All of our products have a lot of different features and functions, but once you hook the prospect, there’s no need to keep going. There’s no need to keep explaining things that might not be important to them. When they say yes, you stop, you move on to the next step — don’t talk yourself out of a deal.

Secondly, find the ROI. At Salesloft, we can equate the ROI specifically to numbers. We can say, “if you are prospecting X number of people today, you can double it with our tool.” Maybe the rep doesn’t care about the ROI, but the CEO does. Identify that decision maker and present the correct content to the correct decision maker.

Third, don’t start with your total allotment that you have for discounting. If you get an objection and you need to discount — you have the ability to discount by 20% — start with 5%. Never start out and sell yourself short by busting out your biggest discount upfront, and then being talked back from that. If you start at 20%, you’re going to get talked back to 30%.

And then lastly, use the summary close. As you’re engaged with the prospect, you’re taking notes, and you’re diving into those pain points, reiterate those pain points at the end of the demo. Say, “Mr. Prospect, you mentioned X, Y, and Z. Our solution solves X, Y, and Z by this, this, and this.” The easiest way to close a deal is to get the prospect to agree that your solution is solving the pain of X, Y, and Z.

So those are four things that I try and do on every closing call that I have. Try to keep those in mind. I hope that helps you — would love to hear your feedback on some of your tips and techniques for closing more deals!

Max’s Tips on How to Close a Sale:

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