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Introducing the Essential Guide to Sales Analytics

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Jul. 25, 2016

All sales functions are connected, and sales analytics is what ties them together. The number of calls your Sales Development Reps make affects the leads they generate, which in turn affects the demos they set for your Account Executives, and so on and so on.

All the answers and insights you’ve ever wanted about your sales team are right there at your fingertips, you just need to know how to speak the language. And the language of successful sales teams is analytics.

The language of successful sales teams is analytics.

Measuring key performance stats and creating a data-driven sales team can be the proverbial Rosseta Stone for deciphering how an individual rep or team is performing, what’s likely to happen in the future, and how performance can be improved. Every sales rep should understand the basics of sales analytics and sales operations professionals need to know the most essential metrics backwards and forwards.

That’s why we created our newest eBook, The Essential Guide to Sales Analytics.”


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This eBook compiles and defines all the key metrics your sales team should be tracking. With helpful definitions and an explanation of the value each metric provides to a sales team, this eBook is an essential tool for any sales operations professional or a sales rep looking to have a better understanding of their performance.

The eBook is divided into three sections:

Beginner Analytics: These are the easiest metrics to track and the ones you absolutely must be monitoring.

Intermediate Analytics: These metrics are slightly more complex and add more clarity to your sales operation.

Advanced Analytics: These metrics are the hardest to track, but offer the most detailed insights into your sales performance.

Within each one of these sections, the metrics are divided by sales function, so you’ll know exactly where to apply them for maximum effect. Those sales functions are: sales development, closing deals, and performance analysis.

So whether you’re just getting started with sales analytics or you’re looking to spot check your existing data-driven sales organization, this eBook will be a tremendous resources for years to come.

Download your free copy of the guide today!