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Focus on Small, Daily Improvements, A Sales Tips Video

3 min read
Sep. 2, 2015

It’s the little things in life that count the most — a phrase we’ve all heard and know. It’s the idea that tiny moments that seem insignificant can add up in a big way in the grand scheme of things.  But how does this cliche relate to sales? A better question is:

How does it not relate to sales?

From spending just a few moments personalize an email, prospect new clients, or simply handwrite a card to a client — it’s the tiniest efforts that add up to giant rewards. Week eleven of sales tips is upon us, and today is all about incremental improvements that exponentially increase your sales success.

First up to bat is Salesloft Account Executive (Formerly SDR — congrats on the promotion, C-Smitty!) Chris Smith sharing his strongest tip in sales development. In case you forgot, Chris was the famous SDR that set 38 freakin’ demos in his first 30 days at Salesloft. Unreal. Today he’s giving us a little piece of insight into how he hit that number — and that’s through dedicated prospecting. By setting aside time every day dedicated to brainstorming and prospecting new pockets of opportunity, he’s been able to knock his quota out of the park each and every month.

And get ready for it — up next is THE Kevin O’Malley, Salesloft VP of Demand Generation. What?! A marketing expert sharing sales tips? Well, folks, according to Kevin, the cycle of a sale begins at lead and runs all the way through renewal. In order to keep this cycle alive, though, a series of smaller checkpoints will help keep you in line. From identifying your ideal client profile, to perfecting your phone sell, to capitalizing on time management — you’re sure to rate yourself a 5 out of 5. 😉

Check out this week’s video to hear what these pros have to say about “the little things” in sales:

These are just a few of the sales tips these guys had to share. Want to hear more from them? Come to Dreamforce 2015 and meet them yourself! They’ll be in Moscone with all of the other rainmakers… will you?