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Find Your Ideal Customer Profile, A Sales Tips Video

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Jan. 20, 2016

As a Sales Development Rep, being able to define your ideal customer profile is extremely helpful to both your inbound and outbound sales efforts. With the Account Based Sales Development movement on the rise, finding that ideal customer and knowing exactly how to go after them individually is key to moving deeper within the account.

Salesloft Inbound Sales Specialist Tyler Bliss is here to share his three steps to narrowing down your ideal customer profile and learning how to target them more effectively.

Recap: Finding Your Ideal Customer Profile

Tyler breaks down the ideal customer profile into 3 simple steps:

1. Define your industry. Accounts and their behaviors vary by industry. Start of with the basics by narrowing your scope by industry (sales, retail, food services, etc.) and then customize your cadences to those industry specifics.

2. Define your role in their success. What are you doing to help this customer? Are you helping them bring in more leads? Are you driving more traffic to their websites, or even brick and mortar storefronts? Answering these questions will help you understand your role in the customers day-to-day needs are going to be as you dive in.

3. Define your champion. The champion in your ideal customer profile is the person who is going to help solve the problem identified in the previous step. Be it the VP of Sales, the restaurant owner, or the sales rep, this person is going to be your #1 contact when it comes to turning your efforts into solutions.

Take these three steps when finding your ideal customer profile, and learn how to dive deeper into accounts when selling. What steps are you taking to get to know your ideal customers? Share in a comment below!

Check out the transcription:

Hi, today I’m gonna help you find your ideal customer profile. Now, when I’m looking at my ideal customer profile, I’m thinking of three things. I’m thinking of, what industry am I in? Am I in an industry of sales? Do I help restaurants? Maybe I help a retail space. And then, I’m thinking about what problem do I solve for that industry? Do I help that industry find more leads? Do I help maybe restaurants or retail space gain more foot traffic into their company? And then I’m thinking, whose job is it to solve that problem? If it’s sales, I’m thinking about going after the Vice President or Director of Sales. If I’m thinking about maybe restaurants or retail space, I’m thinking about who owns that restaurant or who owns that mattress store on the corner? I’m thinking about those things and then that’s who I’m going after. That’s my ideal customer profile.

So, three things. Thinking about what industry am I in, thinking about what problem do I solve for that industry, and then I’m also thinking about whose responsibility is it to solve that problem on a day-to-day basis, and then I’m contacting them.

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