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How and Why You Need To Build an SDR Team {eBook Release}

1 min read
Jul. 10, 2015

Having a sales development team is no longer just a trend in sales — it’s the only way to approach customer acquisition through qualified demos and appointments, only.

We serve SDR teams and count over 1,500 organizations as our clients. They’ve taught us the ins and outs of sales development and it’s time for us to share what we’ve learned.

These best practices help to maintain the almanac on how to build and run the hottest sales development team — from recruiting, hiring and onboarding, to setting comp plans, coaching, and most importantly — executing.

From overcoming objections, to creating performance profiles, to learning how to interview like champions — this eBook runs down the list of everything you need to know to build your revenue-generating, sales development, customer-acquisition machine.

Don’t let prospects fall through the cracks. Build your sales development team today using this framework for success.