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Sales Development Rep Set 38 Demos in 30 Days

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Updated Aug. 24, 2020
Published Jun. 5, 2015

Meet The Salesloft Staff: Chris Smith

Chris’s Bio: Chris joined the Salesloft Sales Development team in October 2014 and has been crushing his numbers since day ONE. As one of our resident fitness gurus, Chris brings a level of motivation, energy, and healthy competition to the SDR room that keeps everyone on their toes.

What’s your ultimate sales development productivity hack?

Mom use to tell me everything has a place…This same rule applies to the SDR role. All leads, notes, calls, emails, task, and activity have a place. Staying organized is uber essential and necessary to getting ahead. And I have to give a shout out to Sean Kester. I mean the guy is on a piece of TOAST, literally!! He introduced me to aText… so dope; I even got my wife to use it, LOL. Oh, and Salesloft Cadence.

Who is someone in the world of startups or sales development that you admire or find inspiring?

I have to return a shout out to Craig Rosenberg, CEO of TOPO, a sales advisory firm. I met him earlier this year at Salesloft Rainmaker. Craig is an awesome and passionate leader. The content and thought leadership at TOPO is inspirational, practical, and authentic. I have utilized TOPO content in conversations with prospects and clients. Check out their blog here.

How do you use Prospector/Cadence on a day-to-day basis?

Prospector and Cadence are a rhythm themselves. I start with prospecting targeted and relevant prospects. Once I have compiled a list of leads in Salesloft Prospector, I export to Cadence. I have previously set up my rhythm or number of touches in a certain number of days. We call this an outreach strategy. Be precise. Be calculated.

During this time I have also setup email templates with the framework of my message that I will later personalize depending on my prospect and industry. I finish my export from Prospector into my step 1 / day 1 Cadence. I begin with email outreach and follow up with a phone call. I continue these steps based upon the workflow of my Cadence. All notes from calls and emails are documented in Cadence. Reminders is a built in function in Cadence that I heavily use to keep track of my daily follow-up and reminders. Work flow is consequential.

Nothing, I mean nothing, slips through the cracks.

What quote do you live by, both personally and professionally?

“Live passionately” and “The money turned my tuna into lobster.”

How do you stay fired up to come into work every day and help motivate the team?

Let’s keep it real here…my relationship with Jesus. WHAT? For real? Yes, the core of who I am, my soul, is fed through my relationship with Jesus. This produces grace, satisfaction, joy, peace, motivation and ambition. Colossians 3:17

Being a personal trainer, how do you think the worlds of fitness and sales development relate?

Staying in shape takes discipline. I believe some would agree physical discipline is more brutal than professional career discipline. That is why I ate six donuts last week when a friend brought two dozen Dunkin Donuts in the office (his kind gesture backfired). Others would disagree — believing that bringing sexy back is more important than prospecting, making phone calls, and sending emails.

I also started my career in the fitness industry and if anyone has been called a dozen times by a gym asking them to join… well then you might have experienced my disciplines and hustle.

If you were a professional baseball player, what song would you choose as your walkup song?

Testify by Rage Against the Machine