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How SDR-Driven Analytics Impact Different Roles

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Nov. 12, 2015

If you’re not creating a culture of analytics in your sales foundation, you’re missing out on the most powerful growth tool for your organization’s improvement. And from the Sales Development Rep, to the SDR Manager, all the way up the totem pole to the VP and CEO — SDR-driven analytics impact each role differently. Each role needs to stay focused on the right metrics, otherwise the entire organization has the potential to fail.

Check out our infographic below that spells out the different drivers behind the analytics of each role in a sales development organization:


Staying accountable to your process is crucial to success as an SDR. It’s even more crucial to track process success as a Manager, VP, and CEO. Through SDR-driven analytics, the team can track the number of prospects added each day, and execute on time to maintain consistent rhythm and flow.

By creating an analytics-motivated environment, you’re creating an environment that encourages data-driven testing, measurement, and thus, activity improvement and success for your sales development organization.