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How To Build A World-Class Sales Development Team, A Sales Tips Video

3 min read
Apr. 13, 2016

Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to suit up, dust off that playbook, and hit the practice field with some of the best sales development team players in the industry. And after covering the 6 things you should do before building a sales development team, your sales development team should be game day ready.

The sales development game can be tough, so you must be willing to overcome objections, practice pitches, and learn the right questions to get to the AE handoff. Today we have Chris Pham, Senior Director of Sales Development at Birst, here to talk you through his insights on building a world-class sales development team. Watch the video below to get his 4 tips to get your sales development team hired, trained, and ready to take on the season.

Video Transcription:

My name is Chris Pham, and I’m the Senior Director of Sales Development at Birst.

The four basic parts on building a world-class team. One, you need to hire the right people. You need to find out what your ideal target profile is. Are you going enterprise? Going SMB? Are you going very small businesses? Those are different types of profiles that go after each of those markets. Number two is having a rigorous training program, that’s able to stand up new young professionals and get them credible in front of C-level executives.

The third thing that you have to do is install the right offense. This is account-based sales development. This is the play that we’re talking about with Salesloft. Using cadence. So you’re teaching your quarterback, you’re teaching the team, what the offense is, what the philosophy is. Personalization at scale.

The last part, fourth part, is actually executing that process. Your game day now. You’re running those plays. But you gotta be able to coach, diagnose, make sure that your team is running the play in the right direction. Salesloft’s analytics helps you do that, but also helps you execute it, as well.

Scale the play. You can develop a cadence. Figure out, hey, does this play work? Drawing up the Xs and Os. Sure, that works. Let’s scale it out to the rest of the team. Easy, just like that. Share the cadence. You’re good to go.

Just to recap, four different parts. Recruit the team. Train the team. Install the offense. Run the plays.

Chris’s Tips on Building a World-Class Sales Development Team:

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