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How to Leave Meaningful Voicemails {VIDEO}

3 min read
Updated Jan. 30, 2023
Published Feb. 10, 2016

Voicemails are a tough subject in the cold-calling world. You want to leave something memorable and meaningful, but you also want to keep it short and concise. Finding the right balance of those two concepts comes from practicing a few simple strategies.

Salesloft Sales Development Rep Jay Warden is here to discuss those strategies for leaving memorable voicemails in your sales calls. Whether you catch a prospect’s voicemail during a call party, or you’re prepping your call scripts ahead of time, Jay has you covered in the video below with tips for leaving voicemails that are more likely to get a call back.

Pro-tip: Don’t waste time leaving on-the-fly voicemails. Save time by utilizing pre-recorded messages that give you a consistent response and allow you to move on the the next call.

Video Transcription:

Hey guys – this is Jay Warden with Salesloft.

I’m going to be giving you guys some tips today on how to leave more meaningful voicemails that are more likely to lead to a potential call back from a prospect.

Three quick tips: first being you want to intrigue them. You’ve got thirty seconds; you’re not essentially trying to sell them on the voicemail. You just want to let them know that it’s worth their time and energy to give this a call back.

Second tip: clearly state your name and number at the beginning and end of the call. By ending the call and stating your name again, “This is Jay Warden with Salesloft,” it puts that last little tidbit in their head. They’re more likely to fish through an email and find another way you’ve reached out to them in the past, but it’s going to leave more of a lasting impact by ending on that strong note with your name and your company.

Third: be relentless. Don’t be afraid to say “Hey, I’m going to call again,” or “You’ll hear from me again,” or “There will be another email in your inbox.” That just lets them know “this guy is going to keep calling me. It’s not the last time I’m gonna hear from him.” You’re more likely to get a call back (or some sort of answer, in one form or another) just because they don’t want to keep being bothered — but, doing it in a nice way.

I hope these tips have been effective for you guys. If there’s anything we can do better, please let us know. Drop us a line — thanks again!

Jay’s Tips on Meaningful Voicemails:


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